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  • Como evitar el Tilt
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    Como evitar el Tilt

    Este vídeo, creado por nuestro entrenador de mindset Whysoserious, nos ayudará a librarnos de los problemas de tilt y a controlar nuestra ira,...

    33 min. de whys0serious
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  • How to Avoid Tilt
    • Psicología

    How to Avoid Tilt

    This video by our mindset coach will help you to completely get rid of tilt issues and to control your anger at and off the tables....

    30 min. de whys0serious
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  • Mind Readers - Control Your Opponents with Your Reads (2)
    • Entrenamientos grabados
    • NL BSS
    • $2 - $25
    • Shorthanded

    Mind Readers - Control Your Opponents with Your Reads (2)

    Check out the second week of LemOn36's series about improving your hand reading skills! The series is connected to a very interesting promotion....

    97 min. de LemOn36
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  • Control Your Energy
    • Vídeos de estrategia

    Control Your Energy

    A podcast style-recording of the "Learn to Win" Live Coaching held by Schnitzelfisch, which will focus on productivity....

    93 min. de Schnitzelfisch
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  • Teaser:
    • Psicología


    PokerStrategy.com Coach & No-Limit expert "Siete777" and psychology expert Robin welcome you to their long awaited series on Tilt in the game of...

    4 min. de Siete777
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  • Pot Control in MTTs
    • MTT
    • MTT
    • $55
    • Fullring

    Pot Control in MTTs

    JonathanLittle explores the concept of Pot control and it's importance, in a replayer hand review which consists of a collection of hands where pot...

    39 min. de JonathanLittle
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  • Pot Control Review
    • MTT
    • MTT
    • Fullring

    Pot Control Review

    Jonathan Little explains why pot control in MTT NLHE tournaments is a good thing, and how to apply it correctly in various scenarios via reviewing...

    40 min. de JonathanLittle
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  • Pot control
    • NL BSS
    • NL BSS

    Pot control

    A very simple and basic game concept is: The stronger the hand, the bigger the pot you want to play for. Your desire to extract as much value as...

    15 min. de LGrant
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  • Pot control in MTTs
    • MTT
    • MTT

    Pot control in MTTs

    In this video JonathanLittle focuses on pot control. ...

    40 min. de JonathanLittle
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  • NL$25 pot contol vs. protection
    • NL BSS
    • NL BSS
    • $25
    • Fullring

    NL$25 pot contol vs. protection

    What is pot control? What is protection? And why do you have to choose one of this lines on certain flops? Hasenbraten will show you some special...

    41 min. de hasenbraten
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