SnG $225 - $555 Live Video

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  • $215 - $550
  • Fullring
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  • Anssi


    This video shows the truth about sit and goes :)
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Lol that was a long time ago :). Sry now, for the carddeadness, if you like 6tabling better then just give me a comment and I will try to arrange that, but usually 4tabling gives enough interesting spots.
  • Anssi


    I don't mind whether you play 4 or 6 tables :P. I actually think it's better if you are sometimes be card dead and lose instead of gettting Aces three times in a row and win. There are a lot more hard decisions in tournaments that are not going perfectly. By the way, how do you play small-mid pockets from early positions? With the mid-pokcets(99-JJ), how do you react to a raise from late position after you opened from early? How much you c-bet with missed hands (AK, AQ, small pockets)? By the way, I'm much happier to see you play on Stars than on Full Tilt because I myself play those limits (well, mostly only 60s because only there are enough traffic).

    I'm waiting for more videos :)
  • TeddyTheKiller


    That's a lot of questions :D.
    22-88 usually I just fold utg but if the table is fishy I think limping is good. 99-JJ I just fold vs a 3bet, same goes for AK - if i opened from early people just don't 3bet that light.
    Cbet always depends on the Board and the Opponent, so I can't really give u an answer, usually between half pot and 2/3 pot though.
    Hope I could help you ;).
  • AnnoTobak


    What a "mimimi" Video, i dont think its professional to complain that much about bad running. Almost looks like self-fulfilling prophecys :((((