Collin with abarone68

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Collin is joined by abarone68, one of the best Sit&Go player in the world and they will be talking about how he crushes today's games, including the $60 buy-in Spin&Goes. On top of that, our members had the opportunity to decide what our guest will be playing live during the coaching. Enjoy!


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  • ILoveSH


    Hi Collin,
    Are you planning to record video at a tournament in which you took 1st place? I mean Hotter 55
  • ivele


    Hi Collin,
    Are you planning to record video at a tournament in which you took 1st place? I mean Hotter 55
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks again to Abarone68 for coming on.

    ILoveSH and ivele, I have a different turbo MTT win video I'm making this month, but would be happy to do the Hot 55 footage for one of my future videos
  • Mintplay


    thx, for that nice vid and talk, it's for gold or higher members interesting as well.
    I really liked your talk about formats and what could be the changes of us sng grinders. How all that effects our "bread in butter games" ....spin and go and other stuff you talked.

    I like your outro what is maybe the biggest thing when i was starting at poker.
    Exactly thats the recreational type thing in poker. People like to SEE flops! It is so in our human minds that we want to get sure about anything even if it's wrong or it hurts in life. It is maybe the biggest first leak of most players who start with that game. Aggressive Players are often times big ego's with an killing aggro strategy. When we let them be aggressive in spots like you talked in the last minutes we can not be sure if they just tryin' to be creativ in his bluffin ranges. If this guy is in this situation in this kind of mode, he likes to see how his bluff wasn't function maybe. It's the ego thing that players like to see where they standing. Fish or Regs. Again thx for your vid....looking forward for more of it // *** my favorite format 180s :)