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In this video lnternet focuses on spots that rarely happen. Preflop and Postflop, awkward stack sizes, weird opponents, check-minraises and overbets. He explains how to think in these rare situations and how to make good decisions on the spot.


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  • darkonebg



    Enjoy the podcast, and if you have any questions - leave them below :)

    Don't forget to check the coaching thread, where you can find more info and updates regarding upcoming webinars with lnternet:

  • zmareko


    good otto
  • Falco35


    liked it!!
  • KTU


    just the best!
  • Sneijder1091


    Very good vid again!
    Just one question:
    In the last hand you said vilain needs 1.5 Bluffcombos, given his 6 valuecombos and our 25% pot odds.
    Shouldn't that be at least 2 bluffcombos, making that 25% part of his total 8 rivercombos.
  • Shakaflaka


    Nice work man. I learn a lot with your videos! Thanks!
  • x3mwisp


    @5 Nah, 1.5 combos is different than 2 combos. he can have a bluff frequency for example.
  • Sneijder1091


    @i think you didn't understand my point:
    Internet says if villain has 6 valucombos we need him to have 1.5 bluffcombos or more for us to make a +ev call(just multiplying the 6 combos x 25%)
    but imo thats wrong, cause if he has 1.5 bluffcombos out of his total 7.5 rivercombos we are only good 20% of the time and not 25%.
  • iambanker


    I don't understand why is the video diamond, for me lot of basic stuff/gold status would be appropriate imo (no offence, just saying )).

    I would appreciate if you skip some basic calculation/description of situation and comment more deeply on how to play with whole range from perspective of players involved (for example in AK hands on KQxx I think you didn't mention that villain's XR OTT doesn't make many sence - in my opinion) and/or propose some "inspirational" lines (from theory/exploit perspective).

    GL )