Internet Live on Unibet's 600NL Anonymous Tables

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  • $600
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Internet returns and plays a live session on Unibet's 600NL anonymous tables showing us how he plays on these unique tables


anonymous Live Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the latest video from our diamond NL Producer Internet

    If you have any questions/comments please leave them below
  • Ov3R


    Super nice video ! I don't know if you had ever explained it but why do you always bet a pot sized bet when the opponent check ? I don't know if you really do that everytime it's checked or not but you seem to do it a lot. Any explanation that could help me understand ? :p
  • Sneijder1091


    Pls PS force Internet to produce more vids! :D
    They are just sooo much more valueable than all the other training vids! This content is what makes Diamond Status worth it!
  • Deliveranced


    wow we need a drinking game for every time he says 'but that's fine obv'. I'd be wasted by the end of the first 10 min. :)

    very insightful video as always.
  • BC1989RF


    Good video :)
  • Dublimax


    min 14 J5s HU table
    you are saying that you call better Jxs so J5s falls into your 4B range.
    It was early in the match so without too much reads on his 3B frequencies. I would have thought not to 4B the bottom of my calling range but 4B weak Axo/Kxo hands instead for blockers.
    Can you give me your views on this?
  • instaflip


    still best on ps. pls keep em coming again paul. cheers
  • mbml


    #6: I'm sure he calls A2o+ here so he wouldn't 4b bluff that
  • oArlekino


    Very good video! :)
  • oblioo


    4:44 with K7o... why do you bet pot here? Is that your standard sizing vs. missed cbets? If so, why?
  • lnternet


    Thanks for the feedback.

    #6 A2o calls but the medium Kxo like K8o-K6o are in my default 4bet range. I rank low Jxs very similar to those.

    #2,#10 pot sizing: I try to adjust my sizing to the ranges at play. When the opponent plays a skip line (misses aggression, eg missing a cbet) I tend to have a range with many more strong hands than his, making a larger bet size than usual good.
  • soekholdem


    #10 same question

    amazing video as always
  • soekholdem


    huh I've started watching before you posted ;)
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Min 32:00 : could u elaborate why cbetting 64 on AK5 is on the very loose side for you?
  • contfold


    ^equity I suppose
  • makeZworldstop


    min 15:49 bet Turn would be a bad bluff only in HU or six max BUvsBB, BvB also? if so, what your bluff range there?