Braminc On 6-max FPP Hypers Satellites

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Braminc looks into one of the best ways to turn fpps into cash on Pokerstars, 6-max Hyper FPP satellites.


6-max fpp Hyper PokerStars satellites turbo

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the latest video from braminc on FPP Hyper 6-max Satellites

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them here
  • Harleyps


    that's pretty good thanks a lot PS!
  • JayBee1982


    Nice vid Braminc! I actually remember playing one of these with you a while ago, the two of us getting the ticket obviously. :D
  • LeTrac


    bubble is the exact same as in 4max DONs, right?

    btw: good video :)
  • braminc


    Thanks guys, glad you're liking it!

    LeTrac, I believe you are right. I haven't played 4max DONs so I never thought about it :)
  • slipkn6t


    Dude I think you didn't count 3rd place prizes.
    Total buyins = 235*6-10 = 1400fpp
    $$/fpp = 22/1400 = $0.0157/fpp
  • madein1984


    sorry to hear that, braminc, always liked your videos.
    Nevertheless, I think you were a bit optimistic with your calculations at the beginning ( 5:00 ). EV line was at 160$ after 40 tourneys, thats a buyin of a little less than 160$. I think >100% ROI on hyper 6max SNGs is a little too optimistic ;)
  • jimira


    Looks like easy Money. Just remember one important thing; VARIANCE! these games have massive variance - even for a winning player.
  • braminc


    No question the variance is HUGE! But the main point is that these fpp sats offer great returns for lowstakes grinders even if you have a "0%" roi in them.

    Thanks guys!
  • mktpppr


    "letting me go" - sry to hear, always liked your videos and humour
  • bobocop


    sorry to hear that ps is letting you go :(
    what was the software you used to make ICM calculations?
  • bobocop


    nvm, found it - it's ICMIZER.
  • riouzaki


    Totally agree with your tight strategy. Thanx for the video.
  • sunchyme1


    Ive only just joined this website but i really liked this guys vids. Shame they let him go. Bring back braminc!!
  • MadInAVacuum


    I watched 4 minutes of the video. Your conclusion is right, but I think you are giving new players the impression that 40 tournaments are some kind of meaningful for that format.
  • Asaf92


    What happens if you win a sat' but than unregister? Do you get a tourney ticket?
  • Happa2


    You get T$
  • Asaf92


    How did you do a graph with $EV?
    Holdem Manager 2 sees those sattelites as if I've won $0.01
  • KuroiYami


    Why do you put excatly 2/3 of antes into BB ?