$7 HU Hyper Replay

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $7
  • Shorthanded
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Braminc is back at the $7 Hyper HU SNGs on Pokerstars bringing you his thought process and opinions on the hands he played


Heads up Hyper Live Video Session Review sng turbo

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  • braminc


  • braminc


    yes it's HU
  • dozara89


    It would be nice, if you post more videos. I liked it very much. Do you make notes on your opps or just play down your game. And you mantioned something with K2, can you explain your ranges little more. When you start to limp...

  • braminc


    Thanks Dozara. I would take notes when playing higher stakes, but at 7s-15s I haven't because the player pools are so large and I don't plan on playing those stakes too often. In general I would say it's a good idea if done correctly. Notetaking could probably be a whole video honestly, though I'm not sure how interesting that would be to most.

    Your range question is hard to answer. I believe I was saying that I don't defend K2o as standard because the avg opponent doesn't open that wide at these stakes. My standard cutoff for calling is around K4o. However, that completely changes with reads and each unique opponent. Some players we will prefer to 3b those hands, vs others flat, and vs others fold. The real question is WHY do we choose to make each play. That should be your focus and then you'll find the answers to hundreds of other questions you may also have.
  • LeTrac


    its not a shorthanded game!
  • Sw33z


    is there a hud like you use for pt 4?