HU Hyper SNG Challenge: $15 Live Replay

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $16
  • Heads-up
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Braminc continues his HU Hyper Challenge with a Live Review from the $15 HU Hypers on Pokerstars


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video in Braminc's HU Hyper SNG Chanllenge

    If you have any questions for the coach please leave them below
  • Bartmannn


    I like this format much more than liveplay. There's so much more information you can give us on your thoughts.
    But NEVER sing HU with Alicia. She pwns ya! ;)
  • lui69


    Great Vid dude ..

    I think you kinda adapted not that well agsint that " Table1- guy ".

    But hey, what ever..
    I very like that format and would love to see more of that stuff .. Maybe some theoretical stuff in gameplan and thinkings.

  • deckner


    41:40: Why do you flat A4s? Is it because of his slightly higher than usual OpenRaise?
  • Chuckey


    minute 38:53: i dont like your fold on the river, i feel like we should donk the flop, donk the turn, checkraise the flop or call the river - everything else seems better to me then check/call, check, check/fold

    anyways nice to have you here bringing some content! thanks alot!
  • pArCh0n


    I just love your videos. They are so amusing. Keep doing them. :)
  • Bujakoto


    Great, another is your movie!
    They are very good.

    You are using a simple understandable language - thank you

    I'll be watching for the next .......
  • braminc


    Bartmannn - Yea I think you're right that the replay format is just better than liveplay. But you can never stop me from singingggg my heart outttt! :D

    lui69 - Thanks. I kinda agree unfortunately that I didn't adjust perfectly. However, I think that limping a lot and betting less flops are the most important adjustments vs this guy to make. I'll def make some more of these and I have longer term plans for some theory vids.

    deckner - I just don't 3bet A4s vs unknowns as standard. Of course once I see he raises 60%+ I prefer a shove preflop, but it plays well postflop as a flat and can also be clear -EV vs some players.

    Chuckey - I agree with you in general. I don't love donking flop/turn because when he calls turn you're basically behind and when he folds turn you obv had the best hand and didnt let him bluff. C/R flop is certainly an option, but his potbet made me hesitant. Calling river is also VERY tempting, but for some reason his line with just halfpot bet on river looks SO value-y to me. In other words, if he's bluffing flop with larger betsize, then his smaller riverbet is likely to be some kinda value. If hes valuebetting flop with that size then i was behind all along (perhaps vs another 3x hand). His sizing just screams we're beat so I kinda aborted mission due to that (mission being to def call most rivers..). With all that said, in a vacuum I agree completely with your comments. :)
  • braminc


    parch0n - Thanks! I'll do that.

    bujakoto - Thank you thank you. Much appreciated.
  • sileekhunt


    best vids on this site so far. really good.
  • NiGhMa


    Could you explain your HUD and what's your checks arround it when you play in a futur video?

    Good job!
  • braminc


    sileekhunt - thanks! very cool to hear :)

    nighma - Sure I can explain the HUD a bit more next vid. What do you mean about "what's your checks around it"?

  • NietzscheF


    loved this serie so far, kinda of funny to hear some frustration in your voice, makes you one of us:)
  • voidmind


    Nice video, keep em coming!!
  • EulogioJ


    is there any problem with braminc's videos? I cant play any of them. In all of them I get the same error: "error loading media. File not found"
  • TheJesusOfSuburbia


    why flatting K4s 12bb and not shoving? min 8