Braminc Live Playing $7 HU Hypers

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $1 - $7
  • Heads-up
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Braminc continues his HU Hyper session on Pokerstars elaborating on this unique form of poker


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi guys please enjoy the 2nd part of braminc's HU Hyper series

    Any question for braminc please leave them here

  • autheking


    What bankroll management do you recommend for HU SNGs?
  • braminc


    Well for hypers I think 100 buyins is a good average. But it can usually be lower for lower buyins and lower if you expect to have high roi (5+%). In general you want to be able to go on your 50buyin downswings and keep grinding same stakes with healthy bankroll (not like in this challenge im doin :P)
  • Qubie


    also with the 22 there are a couple other things in your favor. pp combo's are only a small portion of a range annyway, and those are the only combo's where you are behind. And more importantly. When you fold you have -1bb. The call has to do just better than -1bb which it will
  • braminc


    Yea Qubie, good points. There's still a point at which calling 22 would just be bad, but it's at least a few bb deeper than that.
  • Falco35


    Hm, I dont think that lots of perople have 5%+ ROI. I guess nearly nobody till the best of the best will have it! Even on LowSTakes.
  • Chuckey


    Hey, braminc. Thanks for the video!

    I liked the ICMIZER analysis alot. Though I would prefer if you would change from EV% to chip EV, I just don't have such a good feeling for the %s. I guess they are %s of the pricepool.. then 1% would be 10 chips, right?

    For your decisionmaking ingame, i would say that you overadjust way too much. You even say, that you do not have much of a sample, but still you adjust often very drastically. For example: if we think that the average opponent 3bets like 20% and our specific villain has 3bet 5 out of 10 times a good guess at his real 3bet-% would be like 33% but nothing near the 50% that our hud says. I got the feeling that you know this, but do not apply it consequently enough.
  • braminc


    Falco, I mean I guess most won't have 5+ roi at 7s, but it is certainly attainable by most regs who play 60s+ imo.

    Chuckey - Thanks for the comments! I will use ChipEv next time, I agree they are more intuitive for this format. As for my ingame overadjustments, I think you're probably right! However there is a very fine balance between adjusting too soon and too slowly. There are certain player styles that become apparent before their HUD stats converge to mathematically significant samples. But good points and thanks!