Introducing Heads Up Hyper Turbos

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  • $7
  • Heads-up
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Braminc introduces his challenge from the $7 Hyper HU Turbos and goes through some recent hands


Heads up Hyper Live Video PokerStars turbo

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy Braminc's first video covering HU Hyper Tournaments

    Any questions/comments please leave below
  • MarinaOrel


    Wow! super! Ty!
  • xn321


    hey braminc
    do u play under the same screenname on fulltilt?
  • x3ndeDx


    its 2 times the same video in one video... after 36min it restart
  • x3ndeDx


    besides that, its a great video, and hopefully a great serie =]
  • braminc


    Thx Marina!

    xn321 - Same screen name, but since black friday have played very rarely there.
  • braminc


    x3ndeDx - yea I was wondering why it was 71 minutes!! I thought PS had combined the 2 parts of the video into one, but you're right it's the same video 2x back to back. Nonetheless hopefully it shouldn't matter, and part 2 should come out in the coming weeks :)
  • Chuckey


    hey, thanks for the video. you explain your thought processes very well. it got some nice content that one wouldnt get access through an article for example.

    i am looking forward to your next video!
  • braminc


    Thx chuckey! Let me know if you have any specific requests
  • bosow


    Hey braminc, I gave you a few buyins at 7s :p (sn is crazyravioli)
    It's nice to have some good hu hyper content on pokerstrategy.
    And plz run better so that next videos are at 15s and 30s!
  • Bartmannn


    Is it the same video twice?! Why so?! ;)
  • Axif1


    04:03 - can you explain leading 96o

    10:57 - why did you use such small sizing? Is not it better to bet like t30?

    17:23 - I think it is too big cbet given the eff stack. I prefer less than half pot.

    21:08 - what would you do if you miss the flop? I mean checking behind or shoving is better than 3x, as you will find yourself in many nasty spots. It depends on villain's limping range.

    22:00 - I do not think he has many strong Ax and Kx in his range as you mentioned. But it is a clear fold anyways.

    25:38 - you are losing a value in this spot as you left t90 behind. It is a good spot to jam given the fact that if he calls this t180 bet, he also calls your jam there. And you can get plenty calls from 2x and 4x on this run out.
  • braminc


    bosow - I don't remember the name now, but thanks for comment and I'll try to move up soon i promise ;)

    bartmannn, It seems to just be some glitch, but check out part 2 out now :)
  • braminc



    4:03 - I think leading in limped pots is very profitable versus a good % of players. Esp on a board like this that's unlikely to hit limping range and is relatively dry.

    10:57 - sure t30 would be fine here too, i think t20 gets raised by draws more which we can jam over, but id say both are def fine plays.

    17:23 - i think most will bet smaller like t30 there, but one cool thing i learned from a great player once, is the idea that by always using same betsize, you can be sure your opponent is only reacting to board texture (you reduce variables to read his range). Sometimes you bet small, get insta CR and start leveling yourself into "well he's got tons of air cause board is so dry and i bet small so I rebluff" and then he shoves and youre like WHOOPS :P

    21:08 - well i agree it can be awkward, but villain has limped 7/8 hands and now 1 more time. his range is obv incredibly weak. shoving might be ok but i believe you can get more value with a 3x, specifically in the way that this exact hand unfolded. if i miss i probably bet t65 and fold to shove on most boards.

    22:00 - ok ;)

    25:38 - hey this is starting to feel like a free lesson for me! but perhaps you're right :)
  • yMeH9HaTc


    bad play bud
  • Arcanis23


    i think you overevaluate low samplesizes. this may lead to overadjustments. like for example 50% 3b on 9 hands.