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Our NL Diamond coach lnternet continues his coaching session getting into some sticky spots and pointing out where his student may have made mistakes


betsize hand history review Multicoach postflop Session Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy our latest video from our awesome Diamond coach lnternet

    Please leave any questions or comments for lnternet below
  • limpinbarney


    KQo: What do you think about the bet w 89 on the A Turn? When villain doesnt barrel this card I never expect a c/f and cb my hole range because I am behind all the time (dont like ops play ;)). I would barrel my hole range on this turn and maybe c/c nuttype Hands (NFD, Flushes) against dump villains.
  • autheking


    y no 4 min?
  • grrgrrbla


    good video! got alot of questions:

    H1: Which Hands would you check/call, check/shove and check/fold turn with? I would guess AhKh, AhQh,AhJh and JTs,JJ,QQ,KK 98s make sense as a check/call
    and no hands really make sense as a check/shove?

    H2: Whats the weakest Hands you cbet Flop with? KQ with clubs, JsTs I would guess, makes sense?
    Given you get called in 2 spots whats the thinnest vbet on the turn? AcQx? and bluffing Backdoorclubs?
    I dont rly see how a check is good without reads given CO is mostly going to checkback alot and we loose a lot of value.

    H3 JJ on QJTAQ: what would your default 3betting-range look like COvsEP 200bb deep? Is JJ the thinnest pair you value-3bet? you mentioned
    his openraise%, how tight would he have to open for you not to 3bet JJ?
    How would you play vs a bet? Call I would guess, given he is not betting many worse hands for value. Maybe start valueshoving

    H4: do you call some hands out of your toprange given sizing or just shove all of them?
  • grrgrrbla


    for future vids: would love some theory vids on betsizing or range-constrution, could be as the pfr: which hands to cbet and check/x and why; could also be about constructing 3bet and 4bet ranges or call3bet-ranges,

    any theory-vid essentialy, given your very deep knowledge about poker.
  • x3mwisp


    Rly, rly good both videos. You're obviously very good at analysing hand reviews! Liked the logic from both parts, liked the interaction aswell.

    Couple of questions:
    1.KK hand 28.21. How about donking here. I know it's not standart to having a donking range, but the fact that he is polarized(or not) and doesn't have 88-JJ in his range and thus we're beating his range by far how about donking to not let a free card instead of check/shoving everytime vs this type of range.

    Second question:After analysing the hands and going deep into the whys and etc. Do you try to look for simillar spots throughout the database? I would like to see a video on that kind of work. For example you see a light river call in one hand and you wonder if that is a leak. You obviously check for river call efficiency, look for river calls throughout the whole month for example and find some more spots and then how do you actually train to not do those during play? Or do you just say to yourself - I will not call light? :)
  • Omrell


    Hi ! I have a stupid question about the colour that is the HUD, How can I also put colours around the HUD square?
  • RovarTry


    Right click on square near note (where HM marks players by their play - eagle, rock, whale...) and choose what ever colour you need.