$30 HU Turbo Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $30
  • Heads-up
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Braminc reviews some marked hands from the $30 HU turbo he played in his last video against an erratic player.


Blind Defense hu PokerStars review series

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  • fitzinator18


    The latest from Braminc, enjoy!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • Gavron23


    Very nice video - I like how you use the stats/gameflow/reads to make an assumption about opponent's range and then take it to ICMzer - I think such videos are very helping and benefitial
  • braminc


    Thanks gavron, I'll do more of these in the future then :)
  • Tim64


    Very classy vid. Tonnes packed in to just 17 mins. Key point: you don't just make assertions - you back them up with numbers and show the audience how to find out EV of a play. More like this, please, ps.com!
  • braminc


    Thanks Tim!
  • quellange


    avec des % cela devient du loto pour moi je préfère me fier sur ma lecture du joueur d'en face
  • Ramble


    Very clear and logical explanation of the hand, the stats, the opponent and the tools to analyze the situation. Extremely well balanced and well presented.