lnternet vs Insyder HU Championship - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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Internet brings us part one of his analysis on his round one match of the Pokerstrategy.com HU championship where he played Insyder19.


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Comentarios (30)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy this round one match from the point of view of Internet. Enjoy!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated.
  • ciachooooo


    if you think a lot about playing GTO style, this is def one of the best vid i've ever seen
  • pleno1


    boom! Wow.
  • Bomschikiwauwau


    Thats what I call a clear thought process!
    Hoping to see at least another part ; )
  • instaflip


    very very strong vid! explanations dont miss anything. gotta love it, cant wait for pt.2.
  • maiunagioia27


    internet u r really great player!
    plz do more sixmax vids
  • cadhucat


  • xWoodayx


    very nice
  • soekholdem


    One of the best videos, I've ever seen.
  • Shevtshenko


    Why can't we see both hole cards? Imo would make perfect sense to implement insyder's cards into this video as well, which would even further improve the quality of this content.
  • pechkin85


    #10 yep, should be like that from the start, put some work guys. CR and DC did that years ago.
  • insyder19


    Can anyone tell me how often I got bluffed when he overbet the river. I went through the vid quickly but didn't find any besides the Q2 for value :(
  • xWoodayx


    hey insyder! he 3barrel bluffed you with A high und QT99J minute 32 where u had 107
  • xWoodayx


    ahh sorry u meant overbet. nevermind..
  • imfromsweden007


    We looked into it, obv it would be quite cool to have a video with both holecards, but don't really know how to do it, since we want to implement them into the video and not just in some external hand-replayer. I guess it would be possibly to try and manually paste all cards in after knowing what cards the other guy held, but that seems like an increadible amount of work. But yeah, if there was an easy way to do this, obv it'd be quite cool.

    Oh and very nice video btw, like always.
  • autheking


    I guess someone can just add the hands of the opponent into the video as comments as seen in youtube videos. . Something like "Insyder has As4d" in this hand rather that full graphic cards should do just fine and probably not that hard to implement.
    Great video!
  • xWoodayx


    ask how atuerke vs kobeyard did it!!
  • Ohsovi


    Amazing video! Looking forward to the 10 part series.:P
  • mnl1337


    best ps.de coach by far for his stakes/games. go ahead!
  • foxvanilla


    Please more 6-max Videos from Internet, they are great! And congrats to your review Paul, amazing thougt processes.
  • yomatiyo


  • BC1989RF


    Just gna repeat whats been said but your thought process is just so good. keep 'em coming!
    @insyder: ahah this is exactly what i thought i wud be paying attention when internet wud release his vid and surprisingly i think we saw 2 ovbt bluffs for 4-5 value ones. its just so easy to be balanced in those spots once your range is so defined.
  • Sneijder1091


    Great vid! ty! please more 6 max!
  • pericas1991


    #6 +1 :)
  • IronPumper


    25.30 (63o):

    Do not like your idea to C/R there turns w hands like KK.
    Sure it is possible in the vacuum, no question bout this.
    But as an overall plan you imo wanna delay cbet this thexture a lot and hence KK is an easy valuebet OTT and on most rivers.
    So I think you also should bet your weak turned hand cause C/R would be then incongruent with your gameplan and C/C sucks vs. solid ppl.
    On some rivers you then can bomb again and turn your weak hand into a bluff, imo.
  • IronPumper


    what do you do with your whiffed bluffrange OTR?
  • popescu18


    nice job!
  • isleypower


    very nice thoughts between the hands,
    gonna like it , good job!
  • yoshiwa


    What would you say about raising the R bottom right @14:25 His range consists of alot of pair+draw type hands, and we can easily represent straight/2P/sets/....
  • lixinfinito


    Amazing video. It's so great to see him play
    He should have done more HU videos