Insyder vs Internet HU Championship - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
(8 Votos) 8333


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Insyder brings is part 3 of his HU battle with internet during the Pokerstrategy HU championship!


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  • fitzinator18



    As always suggestions and feedback are appreciated!
  • majstereo



    Q9 24:56 @ TABLE 1

    it is not better to bet flop and check turn to realize eq in cheaper way ? he is XRin flop only 13% so he is not going to xr U off the best hand all that often
  • majstereo


    49:06 25 @ 9743 UR

    if his range is unprotected - what is the plan if U miss ?

    are U going to bluff card like T 8 J ?

    are U going to bluff A K Q 5 and 2 ? :-)
  • instaflip


    A2o 34:00 table 1
    u didnt raise the river here. was it timebank problem again?

    really liked your thoughts on the QQ hand @ table 3 56:00 with different board runouts and how to continue. clear-cut and simple but very useful..

    A very nice vid series overall. thx for working it out in great detail! also looking forward to the theory vid u mentioned at the end.

    "im getting to old for all that variance" I like that :D
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Min 46:41 he saw u get it in with a pure straightdraw in a very similar situation and u saw him raise a bare top pair in that situation. Is 3bet Turn not the correct play as there is some rivercards that cost you action?
  • blitzcat


    76o 18:50 table 1

    you need 23.6% to call(109.2/461.9), not 16% so I think it's a fold
  • baaamoida


    Would be so nice to see a video of Internets thoughts (best would be before he saw your video) to the hole match! Is he going to make a review aswell?
  • wh1teBepca4e


    lol he is not ineRNet . he is inteMet
  • cadhucat


    #7 +1k