WSOP Final Table Review - Part 2

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Braminc brings us the 2nd part of his Review of the Final Table of the WSOP


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  • Boomer2k10


    Please Enjoy the 2nd Half of Braminc's Review of the WSOP Final Table

    Any comments please leave them below.
  • lorenadz


    thanks :)
  • downonluck


    Great video,nice format, I like the street by street range-thing, really great on the bubble factor issue here - I just got round to watch your 1st video in this series and made a comment on the Balsiger/Salaburu hand. Please check my comment and re-comment because I feel you make this a more clear spot than it is IMO. Love some feedback from you on my thoughts on that hand.
  • braminc


    Hey, thanks for the comment. I'll check it out now.