Imfromsweden vs KTU - Heads-Up Championship

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Second semifinal in the inaugural Heads-Up championship between KTU1985 and Imfromsweden!


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  • pleno1


    Enjoy the live commentary from the semi final between imfromsweden and KTU
  • FroggyJRM


  • Flashman1849


    Not working?
  • pleno1


    Hey, working on this side. Do you have flash player installed?
  • spoonz


    nor does it work here while flash is installed.
  • spoonz


    Ok, it works just takes ages to load..
  • pleno1


    Hey, yeah, takes around 6-7 seconds once the stars load it up. The video is almost 90 minutes (a lot longer than normal) Hopefully its worth it and you enjoyed.