Insyder vs Internet HU Championship - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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It's here! the first round review of the HU championship which recently took place. We see Insyder give his insight into his match with Internet, explaining his thoughts throughout.


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  • fitzinator18


    Insyder reviews his match with internet for the pokerstrategy heads up championship. Enjoy!

    As always feedback and suggestions in the comments section below are appreciated
  • UssuriTiger


    will it be translated to Russian?
  • smokinnurse


  • imfromsweden007


    Quite like the video. Very interesting to hear your thoughts, I recognize so much from my own match versus Internet :D Very interesting style that guy!
  • xWoodayx


    insyder video.

    abend gerettet.

  • instaflip


    its kinda weird to see you confused and hear you saying like "oooh mmhh" that often. its also very interesting how even very strong players like you getting out of line (in passive direction compared to your normal game) when villain plays a crazy (but skilled) style like paul does. I think imfromsweden took the better alternative in his match by defeating fire with fire. anyways, always very nice to spot a new insyder vid. looking forward to pt2.
  • xWoodayx


    minute 58 talbe #1 where he checkraises turn with 57 and hits str8, u really think he checks river in intention 2 fold?
  • yomatiyo


    Min 46, 93o, why not shoving turn? he can have some sdv+draw that decide to put that kind of presion.
  • cadhucat


    17:56 The fold with J8 is pretty bad from a gto perspective, you are at the absolute top of your range right?
  • cadhucat


    22:31 fold with Q5s fd wtf???
  • insyder19


    Hey everyone :)

    I know I folded top of my range quite a bit here and there and it would be exploitable in the long run for sure but I am not too sure he really bluffed me too much. If your opponent isn't bluffing in a spot and you have top of your range that doesn't really justify a call.

    As I mention in the vid it was very weird and difficult to play vs him. Right now I know way better what to do, the format of the match made me play too passive in order to make sure I won't be behind too many buyins too quickly by paying his value hands off when he bet river for 5x pot.
  • insyder19


    #7 xWoodayx,

    he was never ever ever folding a pair on the river, not to mention a straight. It is a good spot to bluff but he won't fold so vs him just value bet rather than bluff, we have showdown value as well
  • insyder19



    Calling is better than shoving and then folding bad rivers and calling all the rivers which miss the draws. Shoving only makes sense if you want to protect your hand and you are guaranteed to be called by worse a lot. In this spot kind of deep he will be calling with all the better two pair/flushes and will be folding most draws and call with Top pair+fd type stuff. That would be too spewy.
  • samagain


    @ you have such a capped range, i def think he might bluff J high, K high and all other stuff to bluff you from A high
  • doubleJay


    aussprache uaerg kann man sich nicht lange antun
  • lixinfinito


    That was very interesting :D
    This Internet has some crazy style hahahaha