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Braminc takes versions of the two biggest ICM calculators: "SnG Wizard", and "ICMIzer", going through all features and functions while running various calculations throughout.


ICM review software

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the software comparison from Braminc! Please leave any questions or thoughts you may have below!
  • Froned


    very cool! I have used it before with 5 searches per day, but now iam seriously think about to buy it for one year, because there so many additional functions. the Possibility to analyze a $EV situation with a second table is so nuts :D. Iam a 18er SNG Player too...

    Great and thx
  • Barlin63


    ICMizer looks cool. Will wait for SNG wizard to come with there SNG-2 which will obvious address some of the downsides expressed in this vid. Would be nice to see the two new versions HU. I am also not sure about the subscription fee of ICMizer. I believe that in comparison with SNGW it is much more expensive. SNG1 users will get a free update to SNG-2.

    Although I do like ICMizer I'll wait until the release of SNG2 for the final verdict.
  • smokinnurse


    only 3 calculations per day?
  • Qicmizer


    More like, 3 calculations per day for free with no strings attached, really? ;)
  • smokinnurse


    *ok i got it ... $80 per year
  • Bzzz2906


    And Hold'em Ressources ?

  • SolidSilver


    great overview, thx
  • Barlin63


    #8 That also looks awesome!
    I like the inter-connectivity with PT3/PT4 and Holdem Manager. Looks like it is easy to use too.
  • djpj1111


    The copy+paste thing is also in SNGwiz..
  • pokerjan


    Can somebody explain what the %EV Mode is about, i didn´d get that from the Vid. Ty
  • Qicmizer


    %EV Mode is about normal traditional ICM calculations. It means Expected Value in percents of prize pool.

    Other options are Expected Value in $ (based on ICM) or ChipEv without any ICM.
  • pokerjan


    TY, but i have another question, $EV has always based on % of the Prize Pool,
    was that changed at icmizer?
    Or am i wrong there?

    So if $ EV says its 500 $ and %Ev says its 20 % of the Prize Pool, the whole PP(to that time) has to be 1000 $ , am i correct there?
  • braminc


    The $EV that you have seen on other ICM softwares is the same as %EV that you see on ICMizer. It was arguably worded more poorly before and better now :)

    $ EV in ICMizer will give you exact $ amounts that each play is worth instead of % of prize pool. So the buyin you are playing will have a big effect on the literal result. %EV is the most standard because it is universal to all buyins.

    In your example, if the same program with the same hand details then $EV of $500 and %EV of 20%, the total prize pool should be $2500.

    Hope that makes sense, if not ask for more clarification!
  • pokerjan


    Ty, got it.
    And lol at my calculation.