Late-stage Micro Heads-up Sit & Go

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $5
  • Heads-up
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Collin concludes the mini-series on beating the low stakes heads-up sit & go, while offering his thoughts & comments regarding the plays made throughout the tournament itself. This is the last of a short, three-part series.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the final part with Collin on beating lower-stakes heads-up Sit & Goes!

    Your thoughts & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • RobN


    Hey. Pretty standard, did you play this?
    Anyway good vid, GL.
  • sirilidion


    5:11 what is wrong with folding out worse hands if the alternative is to check down Q high? you don't seem to be looking to get value from worse and by checking you risk getting outdrawn. the only upside I see is not risking any chips when your already beat.
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 RobN: Nope, played by a student of mine. Glad you enjoyed.

    #4 Sirilidion: Yes, if you bet and fold out a 6-out or so draw that's not a terrible outcome, but if you're not going to bet 100% in that spot, hands like jack-high through king-high are good ones to check as betting will often be inefficient -- better and we can value-bet, worse and we can bluff.
  • djpj1111


    Why do you like raising a donkbet with top two pair on a dry board? I guess he would just fold most worse hands to that?

    But I guess if he's just 'testing the water' with a low pocket pair then yeah it would make sense to raise... but no way of knowing that for sure :P
  • SealP


    Very nice video Colin.I just have to disagree with the point you make about donk beting.I think donking is fine strategy to incorporate, especialy at the lower lewels.I donk bet for value against loose passive`s, and db nuted hands like top pair/2 pair/trips always vs maniacs or loose agressive spewers, bc they will make a mistake sooner or later and just spaz for no reason.Against weak tight players, i would also be donk betting every single draw, bc they most likely play their hands face up.Of course mixing it up is always the best strategy.
  • SealP


    Ineresing spot at 09:04 with the Q3 hand.I also like the bet on that flop against this fit or fold type of oponnent.
    Theoreticly speaking, should always cbet that bd as a default, no matter the villain type, or in some cases a delayed cbet may also be fine, against somewhat more aggro or habitual flop check raising villains?
    I personaly would 99% cbet that flop, its just a thought.
  • roopopper


    excellent video colin, I really like your bet sizing concepts, they make a lot of sense to me, thanks :-)
  • Kraese


    really nice video, i hope you record more videos in the future!
  • venusprotein


    nice serie!
  • misspookie


    show players that check raise. Thats the players i see. I dont see passive players very often. I see over betting an check raising a lot. EVen check jamming rivers with air balls. Those are the players i want to see how you would play against. THese are just passive fish.
  • SecondBreath


    Agree with misspookie, it's not hard to beat such tight-passive opponents with often open-folds ;D