Micro Heads-up Sit & Go with Collin

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $5
  • Heads-up
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Collin begins with a Microstakes Sit & Go series featuring heads-up play exclusively, while offering his thoughts & comments as to the plays made throughout the tournament itself. This is the first of a short, three-part series.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new micro series with Collin, focusing on beating the heads-up Sit & Go!

    Please leave your thoughts & comments about the Video for the coach!
  • EgoistSadist


    Thank you for your book, Collin =)
  • Lippi93


    thx, great vid
  • Bedni87


    Only minus is duration of the movie, there's no reason to make pop-corn for such a short film.
    good job and thx anyway ;)
  • utopiense


    thanks for the video, very helpfull
  • antstruk


    Thanks Moshman!
    Please make more of these or make them longer!
  • BigFish2010


    Nice video,
    will u make videos for HU cash games?
  • U4enik


    thanks) nice video) nice push and nice bluff)
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys, appreciate the nice feedback. This is part of a 3-part series so definitely more to come length-wise!

    And #7 BigFish, at this point I am only making tournament videos but thanks for the feedback.
  • Vigoss13


    Nice video
  • sdsbates


    Great video, looking forward to part 2!
  • Zeezout


    Nice one!
  • Durwal


    Why didn't you push in 3:54? I'm convinced that every 7 and every 10 gonna call your AI? Isn't it losing tons of value?
  • deckner


    very nice video, one tiny thing though: I felt sometimes you went through a bit fast. I have to think about every single move since I'm new to Heads-Up. So occasionally I was struggling a bit with the pace. Still great vid and very helpful though, thanks a lot.
  • Erevos


    @Durwal: Of course it 's a shove. But Collin is not the hero.
  • lula0102RNMD


    Very Informative and also not that long (so its not boring or tiring). Awesome!
  • Rello


    great video :) enjoyed it alot
  • Lillepuu


    Really nice video, thanks :)
  • Witface


    Very nice vid. But sometimes it was a bit hard to follow because of the speed. So i had to reverse the vid a lot.
  • nutural


    in Collins we trust!