Boomer Review with Szymcio3 - Part 2

  • Fixed Limit
  • FL
  • $1/$2
  • Shorthanded
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Boomer launches a short user review series with user szymcio. In the first piece, boomer begin with a session of $1/$2 Limit Hold 'em played shorthanded at PokerStars, where szymcio starts with good position on weak players at the table.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the user review with Boomer & Szymcio3 - your thoughts and feedback are always welcomed!

    Should you have overlooked the previous episode, check it out here:
  • Augepaul


    Hi Boomer!
    Nice Video and I think there are a few very interesting hands in here :)

    Min 09:30: right table A2o:
    What about checking back the flop?
    or as played turning your hand into a bluff on the river vs AT or anything like that or do you think that the Q imrpoves way to many hands like KT etc?

    Min 20:30 QQ right table:
    Villain is in the SB btw
    I disagree with you on the Riverplay!I Think either folding or raising is the play here. If you have a closer look at our perceived range we either have 7x 8x, a heart draw, an overpair or 6x and Full houses. we still have a lot of hands taht can beat bluffs (any hand with a heart) and therefore our hand is at the top end of our "folding range" and therefore from a gto point of view it is imo a bluffraise against sth like Jhx or 9hx.Maybe its even a bit too low in our distrubution so that you should take 22 and 33 with a heart to bluffraise and maybe AA and KK ( depending on how light we valueraise)
    But I never see a call here since our percevied range hits that river so hard!
    Additionally we only fold the QQ hands without a heart which is 50% of QQ.

    What would you valueraise on the river here and would you ever r/f the river here against a guy like this?

    2)Min 29:00 what do you think about bluffraising the river if davin bet?
    what about trying to get Villain off a Hand like AT or AQ since we most likely don't have any SD value against his range?

    3)Min 30:33 what would you have done if Villain bet the Turn? How do you think should our Range look like here?

    4)Min 31:30: I think c/c c/r against this guy is superior to c/r the flop! since he looks like he's going way to often to the SD and also Contibets often the turn if he bets the flop!

    5)Min 33:30 concerning the Openlimp in the SB:
    what if BB always raises the BB? since that was an adaption I saw alot and it kinda sucks to know it and don't having the initiative...

    6)Min 35:00 what about bet/3bet the turn against this guy to maybe get him off diamond draws or JT? and also what about c/r the River? against this guy and generell?
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Augepaul

    Sorry about not getting back to you more quickly but had a lot on recently and I've basically been away from the website for about 2 weeks

    1) If the flop was 2-tone I can certainly see checking back, especially if we have the Ace of suit as that means we can improve nicely on the turn and it's also highly unlikely we get 2 players to fold on a 2-tone board. Here I think I just prefer betting

    On the river this is an easy check behind, there's no way that Q hasn't hit his turn peeling range, we'd be targetting exactly AT and hands like 22 and I think he may very well have let go of those on the turn, or at least some of them with a player behind so I don't hink a bluff has much value here

    2) You just bought yourself a video on this hand Mister!!

    I, personally, thingk this hand is way too strong to bluff and folding is totally out of the question. We are underrepresented and an overpair is still a strong hand but is now relegated to bluffcatcher/terrible value donk catcher status. If we raise here with QQ it's a case of what that does to our calling range and I'd personally think it shrinks our calling range too far. If we had say 77 I might agree. but I'm pretty sure QQ is in the top 8-% of our range on the river so getting 9-1 it probably still falls within our calling range, it's the hands on the edge of the 10% barrier we need to be thinking about raising.

    However I am going to do a short video on this one as I think this could be really interesting to look into...Also I think you're a tad optimistic if you think he's going to fold a Jh that he 3-bet preflop but that's a point we can save for a later time.

    Also I'd say our perceived range has a lot more overpairs and other pairs than you think. We most likely aren't raising the naked Ah as that has no value and our button range will contain small pairs, small overpairs and 6's and even 5's we want to raise for value.

    Of course this is all overruidden if we have a read on his donking range, usually most players are very straightforward at this level when donking rivers but that's not always the case.
  • Boomer2k10


    3) Good Spot. I think once we call the turn, which I hate btw vs a 3-betting range, we probably have to bluff-raise the river now. There is a small chanCe he folds a 9 or a hand like JT or even a low PP he's betting becasue he doesn't know what else to do and the K hit's our range pretty hard. Of course it also hits his but for the sake of consistency we ain't going to win this pot unimproved and we if we call the turn it's got to be with the intention of somehow winning the pot unimproved. Thinking about it should probably bet teh river when he checks and really he only has A-High or a Pair unless he's going for a sick x/r so yeah. Nice

    3) It's an interesting spot as I'm thinking immediate raise but since we're in position I might want to wait until the river to raise.

    Obviously whatever we do on the turn with our value hands we have to do with our bluffs. If the leading part of the question was would I raise non-Ace overpairs to the flop the answer is yes, unless he's made 2 pair that Ace doesn't help him the vast majority of the time.

    4) That's certainly an option. It's quite an interesting topic. Vs a 3-betting range what I'm hoping for here is that he 3-bets the flop and I get to x/r the turn anyway (or raises the turn and I get to 3-bet the turn). I just sometimes feel that we occasionally take these slowplay lines without thinking that:

    a) Fastplaying gets more bets if he has a hand which, given he's 3-bet is more likely

    b) Fastplaying looks weaker, perversely, than slowplaying. On this board you may be able to rep enough bluffs on the turn for him not to fold some A-highs but if the board was say Q88 I think he can get off hands he won't let go of in a million years on the flop so it's swings and roundabouts.

    That said on paired boards I don't mind not raising at all on the flop becasue they're so hard to hit and your peeling range is going to be much wider so I can go either way here, important thing being GET MONEY IN!!
  • Boomer2k10


    5) I don't mind playing smaller pots out of position becasue may range is balanced in that spot and the BB can't read anything into my range. It also gives me the chance to fight fire with fire on the flop or turn with a hidden and balanced range.

    Tbh it's a bit of a sucky situation to be in and it's why I'm always a bit confused when I see people opening like 35-40% on the button but way over 60% in teh SB. It sucks being in the SB vs anyone remotely aggressive in teh BB!!

    6) I think it's actually a decent 3-bet against some becasue against a reasonable player we have hidden outs in the diamonds vs hands like Q's and someone attempting a free Showdown raise and if you're both bluffing then it's whoever puts the last bet in wins.

    I would prefer Bet-3-Betting the turn as a protective maneuver vs the free showdown and the river could scare our opponent into not betting.

    Thanks for your comments