How to deal with high 3-betting frequencies and aggression factors

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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Raskolnikov sits down with student Karl for the purposes of discussion of his Heads-up play to determine where improvements can be made.


3bet Contibet heads headsup series Session Review Simple User Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the User review with Raskolnikov & Karl!

    We look forward to hearing your thoughts & Feedback about the video.
  • deivid2


    Nice! always 10/10 :D.
  • Sneijder1091


    Great video Gordon!
    Loved your explanation of balancing...:D
  • phantommm92


    just a perfect video, thank you very much for these new HU vids
  • Kana54


    I find this video less interessant than the first about check raising, but it's very good to see HU on pokerstrategy :)
  • Heitzenizer


    Not sure why I started watching this, since I only play PLO, but it was interesting and I learned a lot. Although, I was thinking like "What the f***" when you raised to 115 in a 109 pot. And Rasko were talking about shoving. You can't shove since it's PL. Then I remembered how brain damaged I am from playing PLO and finally figured out it's NL :D
  • dukkke


    you're getting close to my favourite coach on the internet ;) ty for all your videos!
  • Tim64


    @7, +1. No one I'd rather listen to atm; keep doing what you are doing.
  • AceOnRiver


    its so weird how Raskolnikov always tells us that reverse implied odds is totally overrated and leatherass tells us to call 3bets with suited broadways like QJs while YourDoom says the opposite, that you will win a small or lose a big pot that way and that you should rather call wide 3bets with pocketpairs and then always call or raise on the flop
  • AceOnRiver


    19:50 you argue that hitting toppair with 89s is the nuts against that guy, while you have his handrange opened. I cant fail to see that in that handrange almost every nine he play dominates our nine, Yourdoom pointed that out on a couple of different hands and said thats the reason why he doesnt like to run around calling dominated hands (hands with reverse implied odds)
  • JustgAMblin


    So whats your question AceOnRiver?
  • AceOnRiver


    here is a link to the video of

    My question is simply what to make of this, we have two of the most well respected coaches on pokerstrategy, and they basically tell us exactly the opposite.
  • sandmark1


    I have a question about the last hand were you suggest to shove j9 on turn with J 8 7 5.
    Im having a trouble in a lot of spots like these. If i take the line of call my opponent on turn i feel like he wont bluff on river frequently enough to just go call-call and if he checks river you will have hard time finding a value bet with a jack with only nine kicker, even if lets say river was a blank duece.

    On the other hand my argument against raising is that from my experience I just feel that even a weak player wont stack of with something like 98,97,99, 1010 after you called a 3-bet pre then call the flopbet and then raising turnbet (maybe 67 pair+oesd will pay you off). You are beat by all jacks in his range. I think he might even fold something in the same category as your hand. You stated in vidoe that vs this guy under the aggressive circumstances this is value shove on turn. Can you make this a little more clear.

    An interesting future video topic would be about:

    Shoving the turn for light value after your oppenent dubbel barrelled. (find hands that actually gets called by worse)

    By the way im fan of your videos
    you seem to have a very good understanding and ton of experience at the tables.

    Looking forward to your future videos.
  • sandmark1


    what im saying is in my eyes taking bet-call , bet-shove line looks very strong and i can only see it as very polarised either nuts, something like openender+flushdraw or bluff. How do you find spots for thin value?
  • yomatiyo


    you are amazing man! geat vids! plz make more! I like your point of view of vacum and "I dont give a shit about balancing and domination!", cause I belive the same, and people just overlevel them self all the time, and whit no reall benefits!
  • Raskolnikov



    Sauce123 and Jungleman are on my side of the argument afaik. But that's besides the point.
    As i like to brag, one of my closest students and friends were at the JM seminar and they say its EXACTLY what i have taught them.

    Fwiw, i work together with Yourdoom and he is good coach.
    Don't know about Leatherass, but his results and work ethic are impressive as well.

    Solution: Every coach has a unique perspective. And in many situations there is one "best line" , but there may be a second best line which is not that much worse.

    Since we're not perfect, what all poker players/coaches are doing is using approximations. We call these approximations towards perfect play "Strategy".

    So yes, i happen to think i'm right on the issue. But what is REALLY important is that YOU try out on your own and see what works for you. After all, its not about me or any other good coach being "right".
    Its about You improving your game.

    Hope that helped!
  • Raskolnikov



    You got the thought process 100% right man. In the end it depends how aggro Villain is on the river AND if there is any value

    Its important to realize that when shoving the turn and getting called, on average you ARE behind!!! Its still good, because you win money when he

    - Folds
    - calls with draws
    - calls with worse for value (rarely)

    Its like going all in with AK preflop. Against sane opponents you are behind on average. But you make the biggest profit with AK, when Villain simply folds to your 4/5bet.
    So AK still makes money. That's sort of the mindf*** we are in, because our attentian bias only sees when we get called and are behind, hence thinking its a bad move.

    In reality it isn't at all.
  • Raskolnikov


    Also, thx everybody for the compliments! I got informed very late that the vid was published, so i couldn't answer earlier.
  • Falco35


    Nice Video!
    Because of #10 - I would never fold 98s 100BB deep against anybody (maybe)
    YOu have Position PostFlop, and 98s is a lovely hand you can flop so much nice draws. And you have other changes to win the pot IP than hitting Nuts.
  • Patsche09


    ty for your HU Vids i like them, and they really help me to improve my game
  • GrafAnton


    Balancing and reverse implied odds are bulshit ! So great !
  • hahaUnaab


    First of all, thank you for your vidz! Ive just switched from SH to HU and your videos helped me alot.

    However I dont like calling 3bet with AJ in this spot.
    We have EV+ 4bet-ship vs so wide 3bet%, I agree. But then I prefer (1000 times more) doing regular 4bet size / call than shipping all monies after 3bet.


    1. I assume that he will never fold AQ+/99+ (whether we ship or 4bet), so our EV isnt higher with 4betAI.
    2. He might do something stupid from time to time and ship A6o or something which even makes 4bet/call's EV higher.

    Now about calling and 4betting. Ok calling 3bet is EV+ but I see many players calling 4bets alot (good odds or w/e?)!! Which combined with his 55% ftcbet (I expect it to be even higher in 4bet pot - they play fit or fold in big pots usually) is printing monies (I cbet 25-35%psb). Plus when we hit HE is dominated. We are dominated very rarely (basically only when he slowplays monsters but I dont expect many ppl doing it). He hits 1/3 with his broadways so 60+% feq is not far from what I expect having here. When he hits, as I mentioned before, he still lose alot.

    Sorry for my english.

    I might do some future comments later.

    Thanks once again! Great job.
  • EverSteel


    Hello Gordon,
    ty for the video, very informative and interesting. I got a question: how do we proceed postflop again a barreling opponent after we call his 3bet with a pretty wide range. It will be really nice if you record a video where you play against an often-3betting opponent yourself and explain postflop spots.
  • RobN


    Hey, good vid. What is our range of 4b w agr enemies with over 22+% 3b? Is there like ATs for value? or AJo? Also, do we call 5b AI 100bb deep with this whole range?

    (i saw a "sb 4b range vs high 3b" in the video but there's no AJo like in one of the examples)

    sorry for my english.
  • misspookie


    55 min of video haha. i have done that this piece of sh can't have it every time im all in haha
  • lixinfinito


    Great videos Gordon. This really helps a lot
    You should have recorded you playing a live session :)