SH PLOmahaha - Part 3

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50 - $200
  • Shorthanded
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PLOmahaha with TwiceT returns in the third part! As T goes into the depths of Shorthanded PLO, he changes from live review to session review to offer more time and thought to discuss each decision following on from feedback in the second part! Keep the questions and feedback coming and enjoy the video!


Live Video series SH PLOmahaha

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part of the SH PLO series from TwiceT!

    Please feel free to leave any more question & comments you may have.
  • tMHs


    which pokersite is this?
  • paulussus


    Where is the HUD?

    #2 you have the site name on every table
  • paulussus


    ok, ignore #3
  • TheJesusOfSuburbia


    AHUAHAHAU wtf!
  • Gerv


    So what is your plan on the River when you check back? { I can't see his ES as it is either 33 or 53 not sure )

    So let's say you don't bink so the river is like a 3diamonds or a Qh/Kh & he jams for $53 in 79 giving you 1.5:1 (assuming the less ES he has, the easier you call obvious).
    What is our play here? Call because we might think he shoves worse (nakedQQ/KK with busto FD) ?
  • TwiceT


    which hand sir? 21:35 table one where I make my flush on the R ? I cat check back, im ip. and you cant mean table 4 as Im shoving T .... im confused :D
  • Gerv


    oh sorry Table 4 where you have A[AT]7
  • Gerv


    Because some seconds before you made an argument for checking back but didn't expand on it for Riverplay as we obvioulsy playing that street. So a pure hypothetical question ;D
  • TwiceT


    I only thought about checking back a second, right? I like shoving T by far the most. If I check back its almost a slowplay disguising my range a lot. I would call almost any R then. K or Q non clubs would suck and I might fold those cards.
    It will get tough to vbet R though after checking back T. T shove > all imo :)
  • adamall


    I noticed you didn't cbet alot of locked boards (like paired boards, and mono boards). This is something I have been doing a fair bit in micro PLO. Do you think this is a mistake or do you think players on PLO 50/100 may just be able to exploit this alot more? Do you have an opinion on cbetting locked boards in PLO (like if you do it what are some things you look for to support this as a profitable decision)?
  • Zivilist


    min 6: table 2: if we check back 2pair here, dont we look just too weak and he can turn all his mediocre hands into a bluff on the river and donk them and we would have to fold or be in that guessing game?
  • TwiceT


    @12: B/f T is def a viable option. I call all blank Rivers in this spot cuz it gives me info + I am ahead here often enough. FD busted, he can turn all 1 pair hands into a bluff etc.
  • TwiceT


    @ 11: I dont think it's even a mistake on 100. I'm probably used to playing as I did from higher limits. Here on 100 we should probably cbet more than I did and probably even play looser overall. Simply because ppl dont put much pressure on us when they dont have it.

    I do have an opinion on cbetting locked boards, but there is soooo much to it, I wouldn't know where to start now. This could be the topic of an own series. Depends so much on opponents obv. Sry, there is no short answer to that one :P
  • Gerv


    51:30 T1 where you get c/pot while you have TP+jhiF+kickers ; against a 100bb player would you be more leaning towards a call and get it in on the Turn if you improve?
    Would it matter if it was a standard reg or a casual player?
  • TwiceT


    yep vs 100bb+ I call F and play T ip. I think this hand is also rly suitable for checking behind F. we can call any T and make a decision on R
  • luizsilveira


    Very nice vid. Sooo much better than live play.

    I also like the spots. I've been saying for a while that we lack material here on how to play marginal hands in PLO (bluffcatch, thin vbet etc.).

    It's easier to know one should stackoff with top set+nutFD+wrap and much tougher to know how to play pairs and two pairs on marginal spots - and we don't have that kind of "marginal spot" material (neither articles nor dedicated vids.)

    Thank you!
  • badugiplayer


    vielen dank fürs tolle video=)