Pink Performance - Part 7

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In Part 7 of Pink Performance, TwiceT hits the tables and vonki will make comments on his play this time.


Multicoach Pink Performance

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy part seven and please leave your feedback and questions for vonki & T!
  • dckdn


    Amazing hand reading analysis , as always from TT.
  • dckdn


    (there is always a meth-monkey behind)
  • otb11


    its annoying to hear another guy discuss hands in the backround
  • dannywratten


    is NL50 on 888 generally this soft? it seems pretty similar to NL10 on stars
  • fusionpk


    Yes danny if u get a good euro site, but you also need to bear in mind rake is alot higher so ur winrate decreases some. Also, the regs you do come up against are better. Just that theres a decent fish to reg ratio.
  • malanowski


    Nice party going on in the background ;p
  • StaticMoth



    He had 3 pair !!
  • TwiceT


    Sry for background noise, I just checked the vid. Won't happen again, cant guarantee for part 8 though. I will also get a new PC for recording vids with Camtasia soon. Its rly lagging too much :(

    Luckily Vonki was watching out and pointed out interesting spots I missed.

    Overall I still think its an interesting vid.
  • Gerv


    Will watch this later because teletubies is in muahha , he just moved down again to NL20 xDD
  • pleno1


    @ The AJ hand, prefer to raise to 5.50 ott, think he folds 0% of time, but fish always fold draws on turn when we shove. If we did want to extract "maximum" value I prefer raising to 8.50 rather than 45.00 if that makes sense?

    @12.40 - Thoughts on raising river when he bets, assuming he never has a "good" king. And he will be a bad hand reader.

    @ 15:10, like the 3bet w/89 if he has such a wide range will probably peel a bunch and i like building dynamic against spewy regs and 3b/folding helps that

    @16:30, really dont like the cbet size. We've seen him cling on before and dont like setting up a 3 barrel vs this type of oppo. I'd bet much smaller and be done with hand if he continues as he will usually c/f here a tonne. You bet like 4 into 4.50ish?

    @21.00- do we think he folds 99 if we c/shove turn if we also think he never pots turn w/qx
  • Kruppe


    ok, i'm finally gonna say it: twiceT, why are you ALWAYS on a terrible mic? am i the only one who notices this? your videos are probably great, but i usually turn them off after a while because of your mic :(
  • Kruppe


    actually mic is pretty good this video, not sure why i chose this video to say that. BUT MY POINT STANDS!?!
  • Zemnieks11


    like the video and want to see more.
  • TwiceT


    I use a new headset for quite a while already. Ppl say its "one of the the best" gaming headsets around ...

    Must be the sound card of my Laptop then :(
  • yomatiyo


    Min 12:00, I think is not true that he "never check a king on the turn", cause he is just a fish.. and fishes do that all time... I also wouldnt raise like grev says.. cause fish doesnt fold TP almost never.
    I think is a ch/f and just waiting for other hand.
    Maybe 3 barrels is ok cause he will call river only whit Kx, and fold all the other pairs.
  • yomatiyo


    "like pleno" I mean
  • yomatiyo


    Min 52: why overbetting turn? what are we repping beside FH?
  • yomatiyo


    Min 56:00, I honeslty cant undestand why we sqz oop whit K5s vs a 3/3 in 30 hands... That is just too speewey imo =P
  • TwiceT


    @ 19 I agree
  • TwiceT


    @ pleno:
    21:00 no he never folds any pair vs c/shove I'm afraid. I just c/c cuz I like my hands vs him, I wouldn't try to bluff him off a pair. He wouldnt pot a Q.

    16:30 yep cbet too big, I agree

    12:40 vs this guy I dont dare to bluff raise this spot I think. I dont expect him to fold any better hand. I rather bluff catch but I think I said in the vid it feels too much like a vbet and any hand he vbets he will call a raise with.
  • fortunewheel


    i think you played like a spew monky tbh
  • barbeysize


    girl's "yea!" and "mm!" absolutely hilarious. brilliant! i think each author should include this sounds in every vod in between explanations.
  • Gabinr1


    Great vid!
  • 2phil4u


    Qualy, arg, dont do it again ?
  • JohnyC1337


    I´d like to ask you how it is possible to setup in HM 3bet stats options. I mean exactly how to see in HUD againts which position is villain 3betting. Now I can only see for eg. PLAYER23 has 8% 3bet from btn but I can´t see for eg. PLAYER23 has 2% 3bet against utg. I hope you will understand it:) And I have seen this stat in Vonki´s hud in your PINK PERF. Have a nice day!!!
  • Heave112


    I love it when vonki says "ehuh" so cute :O "ehuh" :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • RottPete


    Great video :)
  • Zakumii


    I'm sorry but I could not concentrate with TwiceT talking:( If vonki is the one analyzing the hands then she should be the only one talking, maybe she couldn't control the pause/play button I don't know? But she is the coach I only want to hear her opinion on the hands.. [No offence Twice!! :) ]