Pink Performance - Part 5

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  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $50
  • Shorthanded
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In Part five of "Pink Performance", vonki & TwiceT hit up HEM to review the hands in the replayer format! Enjoy the video!


Multicoach Pink Performance

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the hand review from TwiceT & vonki! Please leave your feedback below.
  • vonki


    Special cred to the one who first notices TT's fishy comment in hand 1! :D hahah <3
  • dadude77


    fishy comment that he said when you flop quads when it was on turn? :D
  • vonki


    No ;) It has something to do with the quads tho :D
  • OZSA


    where the hell you find all these fishes ? you travelled back 10years ?:))
  • MathhNes


    Very entertaining and awesome lines. Good work TT and Vonki :).

    The only hand i have a question to is the first QQ hand where we bet 5, get raised to 10 and we reraise to 18. Board is Q79sQ. Why do you recommend reraising to 18 here? I thought that we want to let him catch up a bit, give him the chance to bluff, and also confuse him on the river when we bet very big or raise his bet. Forcing him to call any 88 type hand. Opposed to when we reraise the turn i think many fish are able to fold a hand as strong as a 9 on the turn.

    Awesome video ;)
  • TetraQuark


    BD str8 draw... lulz

    This is Partypoker? I am so movin away from Stars at the end of the year!
  • StaticMoth


    it was "... when we hit a queen on the river" :P
  • StaticMoth


    5 of a kind = ubernuts that won't get paid off
  • vonki


    @ Mathnes:

    I can only speak for myself here but imo c/c c/mr on this board by a rather passive fish usually indicates strenght of some kind, whatever he has c/r with will call our small raise. I dont expect him to ever take this line with air here, and any 88 kind hand he will mostly just c/c again imo. I really disagree with any fish on the planet being able to c/mr a 9x hand here and fold when he's bet 10 and only needs to call another 8.
  • vonki


    haha, yes its partypoker but its not like the tables always look like this ;D Careful tableselection (always looking for new tables even if you have 1 fish/table) and starting new tables (fish dont like to wait for a seat, and when u go on waitinglists u usually just replace the fish anyway) can do miracles sometimes :)
  • StaticMoth


    @ AT hand on AT9 flop limped pot ... I know nothing about FR, but in SH ... ofc playing vs ranges, standard stackoff ... but it feels sooo much like AA ... coz 24/21 looks like a standard more or less regualr who would iso all sorts of hands ... and his limp pre doesn't make any sense and now that he raise/stacks flop ... it looks to me like he limped AA behind, in hopes of having one of the regs in the blinds to isoraise and then give you some overlimp/3b action :D ... sick hand
  • vonki


    lol sorry if that sounded a bit rude mathnes :D wasnt meant to <3
  • vonki


    and ofc, ty for all the nice comments guys :)
  • StaticMoth


    sick flopping skills too btw ... teach me
  • TwiceT


    5 of a kind even beats Royal Flush!!!!
    that's how we roll!

    no fish ever folds a 9 (or any hand he c/r for "value") imo vs a turn min3b.
  • pleno1


    @ vonki

    - [ ] bdsd in hand 1 :D
  • Endurx


    awesome movie TwiceT, big thanks for you, I already used overbet strategy in 2-3 spots in limped pots, i didnt realised that guys are such a morons to call me 1 to 2.5 on turn with naked flush draws
  • yomatiyo


    Firts hand: "A9 of spaeds, very strong second pair"

    LOL xD xD xD it is imposible xD xD xD
  • yomatiyo


    oh, speads is poible lol, my english is so fishy xD
  • yomatiyo


    "when the river is not a queen" I find it xD
  • autheking


    no backdoor straight on the first hand!
  • yomatiyo


    amazing vid one more time =)
  • Falco35


    Hm, first Hand with QQ and Quads (WTF^^).
    I dont think Villains Raise on the Turn is so bad! Maybe, with vonkis Image it ist-I dont know. Versus an aggressive Player who can Barrel a lot of str8draws, FD etc I think I like his Raise. But after the ReRaise from Vonki, yeah I aggree its definitiv overplayed and he should Fold. Because Vonki wouldnt ReRaise here with a draw imo.
    Call River as played it definitiv not good, maybe hes talking himself in a call because he sees all the missed Draws.
    But not after a ReRaise Flop-not nice! If we would just have called his Raise and then Shove the River I think a call with A9 would be better. But again, with vonkis Image definitiv a Fold!!
  • Falco35


  • Falco35


    nice! Vonki getting better but also is hitting like god in France^^
  • Xenomystus


    i agree to you falco, against a lot of opponents raise/fold the turn with a9 in that spot is good. I liked how they discuss what happens if the 5th queen is coming on the river :D
  • erazor1980


    very nice video! i like vonki! good thoughts, good explanations! great work
  • SpiderZorro


    Nice video, almost all the time very good pocketcards + very good hits + very well played -> must be a good winrate!
    There is such a big gap of skills between an amateur (like i am) and a professional!
    Well done both of you!
  • Safin88


    "hello boys and girls"

    whatched some krantz videos?
  • vonki


    thanks for the very nice feedback, you guys are awesome! <3

    but hehe, its not like I always flop like this :D Keep in mind that these hands are saved up from months of playing! xD Even though the overbet pots wasnt very complicated and I already had a plan, I thought it would be a good idea to include them in the video so that we got a bit more unique video and for more entertainment, and ofc because we felt that overbetting strategy should be introduced aswell!

    Stay tuned for part 5, which is also a HEM review, then we got part 6 & 7 which is TwiceT playing NL50 and getting into 3b pots alot etc! Can't wait to rewatch them myself too :)

    xoxo <3
  • Falco35


    okay, good to know!^^
    I tought "How is it possible to hit like god in one session!?" So you took some hands of the last weeks to speak about TopMadeHands in this review
  • ST3F0


    very good series thx both ppl
  • icrushyou


    i enjoyed watching this ........gonna try this out.... right away lol
  • Tim64


    #30, It's possible, though I've been watching TT videos for 2.5 years and he always starts this way.
  • TwiceT


    I did watch Krantz (esp HU), but didn't know he starts vids like that. yeah I didn't change the start of my vids since I started :D
  • kacsa1st


    grat for your nice play vonki!!
    cool vid!
    and i like your awesome voice ;)
  • autheking


    I miss the 'I like to move it' TwiceT opening theme!!!
  • kacsa1st


    hi vonki and TwiceT!!

    is it possible to make a HM rewiew video when U lose big pots or U should make a crying fold in big pots on an street??
    i d like to see some tough spots :)

    cos we can learn from this series how to win big pots but don't learn when to fold!!!

    i like this series and waiting for the next one!!!
  • Dodozz


    well played all the time, I also wonder where did you find those players...? Is it on stars or?

    @coach also good job
  • vonki


    hello kacsa1st!

    Unfortunately we've already made the HEM review parts and I don't think we'll make anymore, maybe in a future series if there is alot of interest! Part 6 is also a HEM review, tho I'm not sure there are any "big" folds in there, I only marked hands which I thought were interesting myself and I usually feel like I know when to fold'em! There might be some folds in the session reviews though, so stay tuned for that!

    @ Dodozz: Thank you! :) No, I've never played actively on stars, I think most of these hands were played at Partypoker.
  • JohnyC1337


    great movie. the first movie I have seen with overbeting... cool:)
  • kacsa1st


    hello vonki!

    thx for reply, and gl at the tables :)
  • ulmo


    I stopped watching this vid after the first 3 hands, I mean what do you show these hands for? Playing the absolute nuts isn´t that interesting, especially because in the shown cases hero didn´t even have to worry about value extraction.
  • Qwertz321


  • vonki


    @ 44 & 45

    I'm sorry you feel that way but I simply picked the hands I had marked that I felt was of interest to discuss. Like explained above the overbetting hands etc aren't very complicated but they're something I learnt from TT, and something I felt makes sense to discuss in the series.

    If I feel I already know where to fold'em, and why, then to me it makes no sense to mark these hands.

    The hands I have marked represents spots where I'm not sure I have all the thoughtprocess down, and where I wanted to know what TwiceT would do and why. It's not always clear to everyone how to maximize value, where and why, certainly not to me.
  • slovi3


    do you think that on the board 9TK when we have 9T players don't sometimes reraising witk KQ/JK?
  • Ave27


    #44 the hands show how to extract more vaule out of your good hands. its easy to just get cards and then bet, but you want to get the most out of them, Twicet talks a lot of ways to get the most from your hand. not getting a few extra bets with your big hands its just like losing money. plus if you watch the whole video, its not like she got 4 of a kind every hand.
  • ameisenmann


    I tried this uberbetting thing and then spewed 100 BB into an arrived Flush Draw because I obviously don't know when to fold'em :D ...
    I will still give it a try to max value vs. fishes. Against thinking players it is imo bad because i don't think or see that you ever balance it with your bluffs.
    Nice video series it is and vonki you have a very sexy voice ;) TT not so much :P
  • Farmarchist


    Why overbet KK OTT?? Now he is going to fold al his draws (not thatones with a pair). Same for A9s
  • Farmarchist


    35:40 talking about raise/calling. I think when he shoves after we make a raise there we are almost never good. Vs a reg maybe more cause he bluffs but this passive fish won't
  • Farmarchist


    me likes 9T :) :) :) NICE ONE
  • Farmarchist


    Nice vid, enjoyed it!!
  • LudiCoka


    These series are the best and most helpful videos on pokerstrategy for NLSH. Pure gold, so much to learn and so easy to understand the clear TT logic. Great spots too.

    Thank you, thank you a lot.
  • kokos99sd


    lol vonki it seems like you really like "ya" :D