No-Limit Beginners Course - Lesson 7: SH Play & Self Management

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Hasenbraten with part seven of the NL Beginners Course takes us through how to deal with Shorthanded play as well as self-management & planning.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • luizsilveira


    About the FR/SH blind cost in one of the first slides: isn't it 0.15BB/Hand? It seems to be it's 1,5BB/orbit... equally for SH, 0.25BB/hand (same 1,5BB/orbit).

    So the cost for 100hands wouldn't it be 15BB for FR (10 orbits) and 25BB for SH (16,7 orbits)?
  • DzikiHenry


    long term tilt - vgood one
  • muel294


    excellent video. I tried switching to SH for a recent session. Dropped down a limit so I had double the BR. Nice experience. The need to adjust constantly became apparent immediately. Shame I ended up 1 BI down but that was flopping a straight vs a set. Money went in on flop and he paired the board. Nothing we can do.

    Nice video
  • delanonunes


    Fantastic video, after recent downswing it's just what i needed, thanks Hasenbraten : )
  • William340


    luizsilveira is correct, the .15 and .25 blinds are per HAND, not per orbit.
  • PhoenixPhreak


    It's not loading for me right now.
  • PhoenixPhreak


    Sorry, my computer's problem. I fixed it.
  • EdRandom


    Great video again!
  • ferrari1f


    Excellent one, even for people who are already very experienced in playing SH. People learn by repetition and this one covers it all in a short way ;)