NL Beginners Course - Lesson 5: No initiative, stats, HUDs

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Hasenbraten with part five of the NL Beginners Course takes us through the importance & impact of playing without initiative.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Maartinss


    thx. great stuff.
  • Chromehead


    Usefull lesson thanx.
  • Tuvoc


    Very good FROM STATS TO THOUGHTS ... thats what i was looking for to understand more statistics.!
    Thank u very much !!!
  • BreadWarden


    Hasenbraten you are amazing! So well explained and clearly set out.
  • painterman007


    Playing a hand fast? as in speed?
  • EdRandom


    A great video and so good explained!
    Thx a lot
  • AtrociousNightmare


    Playing "fast" is often intended as straight-forward / automatic profitable play (e.g. you have AA preflop, you raise it and go all-in instead of searching tricky play by slowplaying or stuff of that kind)