Pink Performance - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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TwiceT continues the action in the third part of the dualcoaching series with himself & Vonki.


Multicoach Pink Performance

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • fusionpk


    with A5s 3b, i only ever 3b this spot vs someone who f3b alot, or tends to play 4b/fold and forgets the fact they are IP.

    without reads I just 3b completely depolarised blinds vs btn/co.
  • CheckBop


    Would you not consider raising in the 2nd last hand with AJs when he pots on the Q22 board?

    He pot bet appears strong but this represents a very thin range like Qx+, as with a pocket pair lower than Q I would expect a more standard cbet (2/3 pot or so)

    By raising his strong bet we look v.v.strong and get a ton of folds and unlikely to get 3bet by anything other than a 2.

    If we make it $18 we need a fold 64% , and leaves us $30 behind to ship and diamond for 3/4psb.

    or is this total spew?
  • luckylooser88


    I think it's a spew against an unknown. Your line looks fine, but only with some reads :)
    Great video, thanks!
  • nihaoq


    Great moaning when saying "yeah" as well! I love it!
  • r4zor


    great vid as always.

    about the QTo hand the only hand that he raise with on the river are 98, KQ. i think in the micro they would only call w/ Jx,Tx,Ax. they would fold their bluffs imo. but yeah.. our bet seems very weak but still i think he will do it more with a valuerange than with a bluffing range.

    @2 i think against unknown i would 3b a polarized range. i think villain would fold alot of hands because this was the first hand which we are battling against him.

    more vids, pls <3
  • sausage646


    at the 00:02 on up right table she opens ATo 4bb and at 01:27 down left AJo 3bb - what was the reason for different bet sizes ?
  • trylimits


    ATo is 6-handed and she's utg
    AJo is 5-handed and relatively she's MP
  • Falco35


    Nice One!
    I think i would Call the AJs Q22 with a little Bit BD Equity and maybe the best Hand. And like TwiceT said if he bets the Turn again big we can fold without hitting our BD FD
  • vonki


    Thanks for the awesome comments guys!

    @6: Yea, I kind of tend to agree with that too. But I'm not sure =) <33

    @7: Yea, trylimits is correct. :)

    @2 and 6: Yea, well like 6 mentions its the first time we're playing back at him and I expect to have alot of FE, besides, I like the idea of throwing in a 3b early to see what his reaction is and start gathering some reads =)

    Keep them comments coming and stay tuned for part 4! <3
  • MITStudent


    <3 vonki :)
  • vonki


    :)) <3
  • axelphoney


    ~34.30 QTo

    way too many assumptions imo.

    Don't think you can always assume a fish would bet a strong hand on the flop for protection (especially given he slowplayed earlier) nor would I take it from granted that he'd raise a strong hand on the turn (he is slowplayhappy right?).

    Also the way he played his T6s, slowplaying and betting really small on the turn tells me that he is somewhat passive. And then do you really think a fish would turn his low pocket pair here into a bluff? I mean, most likely, when you bet so small he will just look at his low pocketpair and click the call button without much hesitation since you make it so cheap for him.

  • Mondkeks


    lol pink performance is a pretty sexistic title!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • TwiceT


    @ 13: completely different board texture imo

    i still go with my thoughts in the vid. checking back flop on this texture and then snap calling our turn bet with stronger hands is super unlikely, (except Jx). but Jx woudlnt raise river.

    i know what u mean, but the spot is totally different to the T6s hand
  • KidBurns


    great video as always,
    with the Q22 board, i think we can call his potsize bet and checkraise any diamond any 10 and any K (we rep a strong Q here).If an A or J
    comes we can check/call.On other cards we should sometimes bluffdonk and sometimes checkfold.
    your new micro is awesome!!!
  • RiseandStrive


    AJ on Q22 against light 3betor.
    This is how U lose money in long run. Such a nice dead money all the time then U play those spots passively. I villain's place I would make your life so difficult all day long by 2nd and even 3rd barreling that U would start to pray the God to let U sleep well at night because of me. And that's because in 3rd or 4th time calling my 3bets oop and than calling down with the idea that U can be good from time to time against my AQ+;TT+ in this spot. I would start wondering how long can U take this. Maybe sacrifice some money with c/r now could make U +EV sopts in the future ;) I just can't imagine worst picture by calling 3bet oop with marginal hands and calling down with A h against aggressive player by knowing that 3rd barrel in waiting for U...
  • muel294


    loving this series so far, excellent presentation, clear and concise explanations :)