Insyder Information: $1k Pot-Limit Omaha

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Get some inside info on insyder's PLO1k game, and then hit the tables to try out the tactics. In this video, we have the opportunity to see the games at the PokerStars PLO1k tables and insyders own thoughts and decisions.


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Comentarios (14)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Holdemfreakie


  • misticman


    so stupid idea with ranks and status needed to watch full wideo!!!!!!!!!!
  • ihufa


    No it's a great idea
  • jonnykr


    in the spot with the AQQJss hand, do u really think the fish in the SB will ever fold? otherwise ur odds are getting even better. don't they?
  • jonnykr


    in the 25/50 hand with J987, ur talking about betting a blank on the river again. Which blanks do u mean? I think there are only 2 real blanks in the deck - 2s & perhaps the As
  • chenny8888


    what's your winrate UTG and in MP?
  • OstapBender


    I understand that it is nobodys fault if there are no hands and no action, but whats the point in releasing the video then? There also werent any prepared topics to talk or so.

    I would like to see a review of a prerecorded video or a handreview next time plz :)
  • tranceactor


    I fully agree with #8
  • insyder19


    #5 Yea, it's a bad fold. Checked it after the video and it's a clear call because the fish is never folding.

    #6 Which minute is that?

    #7 UTG: 11 bb/100, MP: 21 bb/100. Smallish sample tho, just about 15k hands from each position.
  • donjunior


    The minute with the J987 hand is: 57:00
    Indeed no blanks besides the 2s and As.
    We could bet/fold on the 3. This is what we should be able to do in omaha,right? ;)
  • apopt


    @ 01:05:30 Why didn't you like Roti_prada's push with set when there was only $14 left in oppenent's stack? What whould you do in his shoes?
  • insyder19


    #12 Yea, I agree, not sure what I was thinking when talking about a blank. I am pretty sure river is a value bet when I look back at it.

    #13 Yea the 14 Dollar don't really matter too much. I probably thought he had way more behind given I was making a video.

    If he has more than that behind I really don't like shoving the river.
  • Laserbeam


    3:00 ->

    nice cardrunners advertising