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faarcyde reviews a couple of superturbo SNGs he played on fulltilt. He goes into detailed analysis of some interesting hands with the help of SNG Wizard.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first superturbo video by faarcyde!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Dumm1984


    Could you do a superturbos series that just concentrates on bubble play? With a topic for each video? For example: as the bigstack against 2 shortstacks (in different positions). As a midstack vs. a shorty, a tight and a loose midstack. Calling All-Ins as the shortstack. Etc. etc.
  • smokinnurse


    try wizard -> training program
  • klimbo


    Can you do a 6man Hyper Turbo Sit&Go video on PS if you play those? The $88 satellites to the Sunday Million seem to be quite popular.

  • Dumm1984


    @#3: If that was all there is to say about it, we wouldn't need videos about superturbo SNGs in the first place ...
  • lessthanthreee


    37:00 QJo. the SB should give you a lot of credit in this spot. Considering the BTN/BB are close in chips, can we argue that taking a slightly looser shove here would set us up nicely next orbit to start abusing? i got a -0.2 edge here with adjusting the overcalls (and, as an example, its +0.2 if the BTN is 99+ AQ+). if it was QJs it starts looking really good (even with conservative loose ranges on all villains). I think after we see the SB fold that nash atc SB we should push these closer CO spots to take control of the bubble ourselves. opinion?
  • faarcyde


    @Lessthanthreee: I am always interested in situations where we can assume control on the bubble but I don't think this is that great of an example. I think you are a bit optimistic in your BTN ranges with them being so tight, especially since he is an unknown and has five blinds behind. Something can be said for taking the thinnest of edges since out of four players left three are winning grinders. A lot of these spots are so debatable you could probably change my mind with more argument. I suppose I feel that "controlling the bubble" is becoming less and less effective because of how aware people are of the situation and don't give you much credit at all. Hopefully I answered your question.
  • lessthanthreee


    yeah i see what you are saying. just out of curiosity, what kinds of ranges would you assign to the BTN/BB unknowns in this hand?
  • faarcyde


    @Lessthanthreee: I would say SB could be anywhere between 10-20 percent. When people get to five blinds and below I find they don't evaluate your range so much as their relative hand strength. For the big blind (as a random) I would say around the same 15-20 percent depending on how he views me? In the actual case I know he is a reg so I would expect it to be more like 6-7 percent.
  • hypertyper


    Very nice video. I'm surprised about the range you give CO and BU with your 88 hand. I guess it's close thought if you assume that the players behind him call tight enough. I wouldn't have given him any more than 20%.

    I like how clearly you speak and that you have a proper microphone. Just a great video all around. Would love to see more.
  • spl4t


    6max content plz
  • Nasstrom


    Very good video! Would be very nice if you could do a super turbo HU video
  • Arcanis23


    nice one
  • faarcyde


    @Hypertyper: HUD stats would be pretty valuable there. As previously stated, I think with six blinds from the HJ he is libel to have an extremely wide range. At the very least I think it is better to air on the side of assuming he is looser rather than tighter. Thanks for the nice words.
  • davidgod


    very good video . learn a lot of things, can you also make a vedio about the range in different situation? i would like to see the data of range better than the hand review, and that way we can learn more things lol
    ty for the vedio
  • madshakes


    Nice vid, but you set the wiz to regular full table, not super turbo. So your wiz analysis was a bit off.
  • madshakes


    Actually, they weren't. Nvm, sorry.
  • madshakes


    Actually, they weren't. Nvm, sorry.
  • madshakes


    Actually, it was off on the QTs hand ~12:00. But other spots were ok.