Low stakes MTT - Part 1

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seeberger reviews the hand history of a $2 on demand MTT that he recently won in one of his coachings. In the first part he focuses on the early phase of the tournament.


FullTilt hand history review Low stakes MTT

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new MTT video by seeberger!

    Keep the comments in English please!
  • kayza


    In the AJ hand where you openraise 90 and the other guy reraises to 150, I don`t see him with AQ+ as you say, but with any 2 cards. These people are just so hard nobrainers that they think any time somebody raises and doesn't instashove it, that he just tries to steal the blinds. I see them having hands like K8o, just like the other guy had some hands before. I sometimes see people doing this with 22, the initial raiser then completes. Then comes the board AKQ of one colour. The 22 guy raises, other guy calls. Turn comes 9. 22 raises other guy calls. River blanks 22 raises all in, other calls. 22 wins cuz the other guy has J8o. In the early stages I even don`t see a reason for openraising unless you have the nuts. Otherwise just limp and evaluate the flop. If you have a draw you can just check call it down cuz there usual raisesize is a minraise, that isn`t to costly to call. But even you openraise you will get minreraised all the time. But for me its like much crazier than in your vid, cuz I play like 10c 25c MTSNGs on stars, and people there are really stupid. But I guess these guys you have there in the early stage are of that sort.
  • JJBBSaggy


    min30: Cross == Clubs
  • Tiltberger


    he kayza it really depends one the players. Some people play there toprange with small reraises, other guys minreraise crap too.

    And openraising hands like aj is def. ok. Often you play ip and just against or two players where you can also take down pots when you don't hit something. When you limp your mid-strong range everytime your are seeing a lot flops with 3-6 players and then you don't really know strong your toppair-kind of hand is.

    #3 thanks, i sometimes say cross instead of clubs ;)
  • kurrkabin


    Good solid play.I liked the video except for the part when u opened with KJs CU and C-Bet the flop that came 2cQcAh,his calling range includes both Aces and Queens,there was also a flush draw,maybe some gutshots.The only type of hand I see him folding there was something like mid or low pair.But again,I enjoyed the video a lot,especially the part with pokerstrategy equilab was very interesting.Hope 2 see more MTT from you soon.
  • JustusH


    Unreal what hands and hits you got. No difficult decision.
  • qnb07


    nice vid. maybe a bit short though.
    how long did it take for you to finish the whole tourney?
    main reason i haven't played these yet is that they are normal speed and not turbo.
  • Tiltberger


    guess about 3hours
    compared to turbo they take longer but your roi is def. higher on these. Of course your hourly rate could be lower compared to 3$ 90kos for example.
  • szafkol


    nice video thanx. the video title is: Rockets on the sky:-)
  • TomMuntzer


    nice video...unfortunately you was card dead ;)
  • gedavaca


    i want to know what is the name of that software ty
  • DavidGarban


    now we have AQ: fold. WHAT? lol

    Buen video, gracias.
  • Didrihson


    this is sick, all in wikt K8o. And thos donks are pissing me off, coz u cant know, does he realy have something this time or not.. :)
  • jonnyebeneezer


    very helpful thank you
  • globalcash


    nice video.tx
  • EsarcWinterz


    nice work.. I second David Garbans view.. "Now we have AQ, FOLD? WHAT"???.. lmao, but seriously. Nice vid. Hope I can catch some coachings from you in the future..
  • swedishboy7


    like your way of coaching, very clear, especially with the hand histories and the equilab on the side.

    I have to say this though: Three times aces in the first 20 hands, please calculate those odds:P
  • GreatExpectations


    Really great video, this helps me alot as I'm starting out to play MTTs!
  • sc00by


    This is not a freeroll?
  • smille1337


    about 25:46, the AQo shove is a lil bit risky, isnt it? cause there were 3 people behind u and 1 with a bigger stack, i would have folded there, calling with only pocket 99+ would have been better in my opinion, maybe at least AKs/o
  • AdamLaw33


    Thanks, and for your time, take care
  • Rakyd


    Ty for the information, gonna watch the next video of the series