Introducing 888 Poker

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hasenbraten introduces smaller poker sites and networks, in this video 888 Poker.


Introducing 888 Poker

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  • i5bet72o


    the rakeback really sucks compared to party. Ya, Thomas (VIP Pokerstrategy support) is awesome.
  • PuppyPk


    Thanks for the review hasen.
  • RodionP


    Непонятно нахрен это видио нужно)) информацию о руме можно на ПС прочитать и в софте за 5 мин можно самому разобраться))
  • Borgim1992


    There are 20b-50bb tables?
  • kamojett


    I've been playing at 888 for about 2 years. I'm not a big fan of it. If it wasn't for the $50 free I wouldn't play there.

    - PS Elephant doesn't work for 888.
    - The lowest level SnGs are terrible.
    - Many nites the traffic is very bad for 2.50 to 10.00 SnGs.
    - You often have to endure 2 popups before you can even log in.
    - I am close to moving up to 10.00 SnGs full time but there doesn't seem to be enough traffic for 10.00 SnGs. I am considering moving my bankroll to another site.


    @6 I agree with mostly. I been playing for about 9months and i like it. 2NL there's plenty of games very fishy 9man tables.
    Also 10NL theirs alot but for 6NL theirs hardly any. 1 of the things i like is that it doesn't support elephant so unlike tilt and stars you have people playing alot looser and generaly playing rubbish i.e. loving their gutshot or not letting their pocket pairs go by the river ^^.