The Golden Rule

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In his first video for Douglas "pzhon" Zare talks about "The Golden Rule": You are in the small blind, everyone outside the blinds folds. When should you shove from the small blind?


Blindbattle Nash The Golden Rule Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • CBFunk


    this video will be available for basic status for one week
  • CBFunk


    This video will be available for basic status for one week
  • Frutosx


  • Fistor



    i already started to miss this guy :D

    good to have you here doug
  • LLuq


    I like!
  • OnkelHotte


    Thanks for that video. Very well explained!
  • davels36


    nice video :)
  • Schmuvness


    I really liked your first video.

    It felt comfortable to finally listen to somebody who doesn't say "uhm" all the time but who talks confidently and without mumbling.

    Also I liked the length of this video and the design of the sheets for most video producers merely read out what they have written down but do not enhance those topics with examples or ongoing thoughts.

    I am already looking forward to your next video and I am thrilled to find out what the next topic will be.

    Thumbs up from Germany
  • DonTabamsey


    one of the best mtt vids since a long time
  • DaMas187


    "one of the best mtt vids since a long time"

  • controle


    Awesome vid! Great voice to listen to and superb content. Looking forward to see more of you :)
  • maniac


  • maniac


    how do you calculate the avg. loss?
  • Trimmi110


    nice vid with awesome content and quality...

    I like!
  • kiromanAAKK


    Very interesting and helpful! Thank you
  • Huckebein


    Very nice video!

    I'm looking forward to see your next videos!
  • celex


    nice vid!
    made me understand what I do when I openpush from the SB^^
  • JustgAMblin


    Very nice. I liked it.
  • LX4DR


    i like!
  • scion


  • killedbamby


    setting a new standard for all upcoming vids
  • luckluke


    easily one of the best poker theory vids
  • Duodax


    good strategy ...
  • hackfleesch


    this is excellent content and a very well done video!! welcome to keep up the good work.
  • thebigticket


    very professional presentation, good job
  • BHSurfer


    welcome in our community.
    very nice vid. The next vids will be available for gold members? Or will the good contend again just be for diamant members?
  • pzhon


    Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    To address Maniac's question, I have added a post to the thread on this video in the Coaching, Video and Hand Evaluation Feedback forum.

    To BHSurfer: I'm not sure of the levels of my next videos, but I plan to make both some introductory videos and some very advanced ones.
  • TheVoiceLv


    Хорошее видео
  • steinek


    Great video! You have a pretty big talent to explain the main facts in simple and very clear words. It's just great to listen to your explanations.
    Also the usual mistakes you mention (like thinking that bad players call too loose in the BB or thinking pushing for 15BB just risks way to much to be profitable) are exactly the ones I have experienced even very talented beginners committing regularly.
    Thank you and I am looking forward to your next videos.
  • Rolo23


  • lippo81


    good stuff!
  • JamesPate


    very nice! can`t wait for the next one...
  • Wizzzl65


    verry nice video

    hope there will come another videos like this for bronze - silver status.
  • Wizzzl65


    on witch status this video available after the week?
  • CBFunk



  • combat2208


    Very nice job!
    Well Done!
    Looking for more to come ...^^
  • Ramble


    Great educational video. I like the class-room style, works best for this type of material.
  • lindsay1302


    este chabon la tiene muuuy clara, demasiado.
  • easy188


    warum gibt es solche Super Videos nicht auf Deutsch ????


    When your book will be available?
  • impeccable


    Where can I download the Chart for the "Nash Equilibrium Pushes"
  • Cardbender


    Hey great video, Do you have any Backgammon videos online? I would like to watch them also if you do.
  • Froydian


    Esa es la idea :)
  • hackbinder


    Wow... Now that was a clinic. Straight up big league! Great video.
  • CBFunk



    here´s a link to the chart:
  • pzhon


    @7: I don't have any backgammon videos available at the moment. You can read a few selected posts or articles of mine at, and I have over 100 articles on the mathematics of backgammon at (subscription).
  • MadameElle


    Very Nice Video! i learned a lot from it - thank you!!!!!
  • Cardbender


    ok thanks
  • pzhon


    @31 Thanks for your interest! We aren't sure when the book will come out, but the writing is finished so it should be only months away. I will make sure that the book is announced here when it is available.
  • RobbieV


    great video, thanks
  • runninlikejesus


    interesting video, thumbs up
  • Nhoca


    I think this video is great, very clear explanations and not boring at all! Thank you.
  • TheWarrior


    Very nice video. Thank you for that.

    1. Where can I get the Nash-Chart you use in the Video?

    2. Why do some numbers from the chart in the video differ to the chart on Hold'em resources?
  • IdiotWind


    wow excelente video
  • futuredurrrr


    Brilliant video. Didn't know anything about this till now. was trying to find a heads up sng end game strategy. now i found more!
  • JohnTheGreatest


    Thank You!

    This is really good one! =)
  • pieter80


    This is gold! thank you!
  • alenstrat


    Very nice. Thank you for the great vid and thanks pokerstrategy for all the high quality material that's coming up lately!
  • Mirkotoscano


    very nice video
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, Douglas. Here is one question form russian community.

    quote: Let's assume there are two players who can perfectly adopt they push or fold play. Also let's assume at the beginning their push/fold play is far away from Nash Equilibrium. Will their play seek to this equilibrium as to the limit, knowing they can perfectly adopt? For example, we know one player will call push in the big blind with a 100% range - then another player will find it out and immidiately change his play, then first player will find out that second player changed his game and will change his game as well and so on to the infinity. Will both of this players in the end change their push/fold chart to Nash Equilibrium, or final chart depends on initial data?
  • pzhon


    @54 See 46 for a HU chart. Some of the numbers differ slightly from some numbers on, which is not consistent with itself, but please let me know if you find large differences.
  • pzhon


    @61 In many poker situations, iterating exploitive adaptations to others' play does NOT converge to the Nash equilibrium. The Nash equilibrium may be unstable in this sense. The optimal response to a small deviation may be a large deviation. You can see this in rock-paper-scissors, as the optimal response to 33% rock, 33% paper, 34% scissors is 100% rock, far from the Nash equilibrium strategy.

    You can try to take a weighted average of your current strategy with the exploitive response to your opponent's current strategy. This works better in poker than it does in rock-paper-scissors.
  • YourDoom


    Great video! Another leak uncovered. Thanks!
  • 013paul


    One of the best video's I have seen on Pokerstrategy, thanks for this one and your other video's!
  • Th0m4sBC


    Great video. Just awe.....wait...wait for it..... some! awesome!
  • Harnas31


    Problem is that when you run into TT+, AQ+ you dont have more opportunities to keep pushing.
  • Harnas31


    you are out of tournament
  • pzhon


    @67-68 Pushing a mediocre hand preflop is a semibluff. You have a good chance to win the blinds immediately, and if you get called, you sometimes draw out. For example, 98o has 37% equity against AQo. If you get called and lose, that's bad, but if you have the other player covered (which happens often if you have been stealing aggressively earlier) then you have a chance to recover. The value of stealing the blinds is often worth the small risk that you run into a big hand and fail to draw out.
  • Reast1338


    Really good video, instantly made my play better!
  • kingsoloGOH


    wow! bloody excelent video. best sng video i've see for far
  • r1sk4v3rs10n


    Bring pzhon back.