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entrevista y stats de jrockhaf nl100 a 8bb/100 1.274.365 en pokerstars

    • albaligia
      Registro: 05-17-2008 Artículos: 1.368
      For the better part of two years, “Jrockhaf” has been crushing the 100nl full ring games on PokerStars. He boasts a win-rate of over 4 BB/100 during a career that spans millions of hands. As one of the top grinders that we track here at PTR, it was our pleasure to catch-up with this well known grinder and get insight into one of the best small stakes poker players in the world.

      PTR: Could you give us a quick introduction of yourself?

      Jrockhaf: My screen name is Jrockhaf on PokerStars, I am from Ontario, Canada and I am 31 years old

      PTR: How did you get into online poker and how long have you been playing?

      Jrockhaf: I got started in poker back in 2003 at a casino 2 hours from my hometown. The casino only had Limit Hold’em, so that’s what I played when I started. Online, I played $2-$4 and $3-$6 limit, where I was a small winner at best.

      PTR: You’ve been crushing 100nl full ring on PokerStars for years now. The big question a lot of people have about you is why you don’t move up in stakes to 200 or even 400nl games?

      Jrockhaf: I actually used to play 200-400nl back before the UIGEA was enacted, Then suddenly when that law passed I had my first losing month and the games got very tough. So I moved down to 100nl where I could at least win again. After playing 100nl for a while I found out about Cardrunners and watched a few videos and realized that even though I was winning I had so many leaks.

      After plugging some leaks I started really crushing the 100nl games and every time I moved up I would run bad/play bad and it would tilt me to no end. Winning a bunch of buy-ins at 100nl then losing them all back at 200nl in half the amount of hands was discouraging. Finally I said I am never moving up again and I’ve stuck to it for the most part. I went like 6 months and was absolutely killing the 100nl games. I had two 100k hand stretches that I was over 8ptbb which was really sick.

      In the last couple of years I just feel it doesn’t make sense anymore for me to risk a breakeven month so I can try and move up. I feel like one of my best assets is looking at a game and knowing if I have an edge in it. If I don’t think I have an edge I don’t play, simple as that.

      PTR: What is your computer setup like?

      Jrockhaf: Nothing special, just a 30″ and a 24″ monitor. My buddy is a computer nerd so he takes care of all my computer stuff, I don’t even know what kind it is, I think he said he built it himself. I use HEM but don’t pay much attention to stats, just VPIP and PFR.

      PTR: Your session times and stats are incredibly consistent. It seems you’ve set up a real strict routine for yourself? Could you elaborate on that routine and how you created it?

      Jrockhaf: As far as routine I just try to play when my wife goes to work and she works 8-4. It’s pretty simple, I get up when she leaves, maybe go to the gym and then play until she gets home. However, we are expecting or first child within the month so I might be kissing that routine good bye.

      PTR: Your win-rate at 100nl is over 4BB/100 which is really amazing given the volume and game you play. What are some of your success points for playing a consistent game so often?

      Jrockhaf: I guess just not tilting and not letting your ego get in the way. You have to always remember to play for money, not pride and that is tough to do with the aggression in today game.

      PTR: Do you live off your earnings or do you do something else full time in “the real world” when not logged in?

      Jrockhaf: Right now I just play poker. I’d really like to get into business but it’s hard to find something that won’t interfere with poker. I own a rental house and it’s pretty easy to manage so I’m thinking of buying a few more of them.

      PTR: Where do you hope your online poker endeavors take you three years from now?

      Jrockhaf: I hope I keep winning and I hope the games get better. I’d also love a final table at a WSOP event but that’s probably a stretch because I have no clue how to play tournament poker.

      PTR: How important is table selection to you during a session and what do you look for out of a table?

      Jrockhaf: As far as game selection goes, I just start tables. Two years ago it was the thing to do because “rennwurm” and I were the only ones doing it. Now there are a minimum of five regs all day every day doing it, so if you’re not that good HU, which I am not, it kinda sucks.

      PTR: Just about every major poker site has changed their buy-in structure to disallow shortstacker play. PokerStars is expected to make an announcement (one way or the other) in mid-April. Where do you stand on the issue, and would you ever leave PokerStars?

      Jrockhaf: As far as SSers go I don’t have to deal with them much because I just play 50bb tables. I know it is a real problem at the higher limits and I hate angle-shooters so yeah, ban them and raise the buy-ins. I actually am still thinking about leaving PokerStars just because the games are way softer on Full Tilt but they won’t give me RB so I can’t really play there.

      PTR: For grinders out there begging to find the same success that you have had at the tables, what advice could you give them?

      Jrockhaf: The biggest leaks I see in most regs are that they tilt and they think they are good and crushing a limit because they win big over a 200k sample which really means nothing. Check your ego at the door and play for the money not the pride.

      PTR: Finally, what goals did you set for yourself for 2010 and how are they coming along?

      Jrockhaf: My main thing I try to improve on everyday is playing longer sessions when I’m winning and quitting early when it’s not going well. Most of the time in everyday life if things are not going well the right thing to do is stay at the office late and put in those extra hours. But I think in poker its best to do the opposite.


      mi pregunta como es que un nit de estos puede ganar a 8bb/100 si la respuesta es muy obvia iluminenmen jejeje y saquen de la duda
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