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HUD del elephant

    • tirsobreda
      Registro: 04-13-2008 Artículos: 261
      Donde puede encontrar informacion sobre los números que salen sobre mis contrincastes. Estoy en Tintan Poker y el elephant funciona muy bien, guarda todas las manos jugadas, pero el hud no se que informacion me proporciona.
  • 1 respuesta
    • Efoda
      Registro: 01-09-2008 Artículos: 132
      Explaination of the most important values:
      Handrange Flop: The Number of hands in % the player sees a flop. 20% means, this players sees the flop with about 20% of his hands.

      Folded Big Blind to Steal: This values helps you to decidea weather or not you should try to steal the blinds from the big blind. A low %-Number means that this player won´t fold versus your raise very often. A high number indicates, that this player is able to fold a lot of hands in the big blind vs a steal. Therefore you can try to steal his blinds more frequently.

      Raise Preflop: This value in % tells you the frequency of the player hitting the raise button compared to call/check or fold.

      Aggressions Factor (AF): This value gives you a relation of bets and raises compared to his calls. A high value indicates that this player like to bet and raise a lot. A low number indicates that this player likes calling much more than raising. So if he raises and has a low aggr. factor, you should maybe give his raise more credit.

      Won Dollar at Showdown (W$@SD)= This value indicates how often a player wins the showodown in percent. Most good players have between 45% - 55% W$@SD (FL and NL). A high W$@SD could indicate that this player only goes to the showdown with good hands. On the other hand i could also indicate that this player has just a good run of cards. If you only have some hands of a player and this value is extremly igh or low, you know how much you can rely on other values as went to showdown % or AF. A quite low W$@SD indicates that this player often missinterprets the strenght of his hand, and goes to the showdown to often with weak hands.

      Won Dollar when seen Flop (W$wsF): A % Value, which gives you an idea how often this player wins money when he sees the flop. Successfull bluffs which do not go to the showdown are also counted in this value.

      Went to Showdown when seen Flop (WtSwsF): A % value. This value indicates how often a player went to the showdown when he sees the flop. A high WTS indicates that this player will not give your bets and raises much credit and wants to see a showdown. Therfore you should not try to bluff those high WTS players to often, instead bet a lot with your good hands. So it is visa versa better to bluff a player with a low Went to Showdown value.

      Handcount: This value simply counts the numbr of hands in your database of this specific player. There more hands you have of a player, the more reliable are the other calculated values above.