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longHUD en FullTit

    • radu107
      Registro: 11-26-2009 Artículos: 740
      Estoy usando este programa en party, alguien sabe si esta permitido en Fulltit? Leyendome los programas permitidos y prohibidos yo diría que no, por este parrafo:

      The following classes of programs are not permitted while playing on Full Tilt Poker:

      Programs that provide specific recommendations or assistance for betting decisions during live play:

      Programs that suggest betting actions (i.e. fold, call or raise) in current situations and software that provides assistance in making this type of decision cannot be used during play. For example, poker calculators that automatically extract the current situation from a live game and compute hand probabilities and odds are not permitted.

      Players must make all betting decisions on their own and without assistance of any type.

      Specific examples include:

      * Online Holdem Inspector
      * Poker Calculator Pro
      * SNG Endgame Tools (SNGEGT)
      * Short Stacking Strategy (SSS) Calculator
      * SAGE Calculator
      * Poker Hound
      * any custom-built program in this category
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