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    • Drizztfowl
      Registro: 04-12-2009 Artículos: 5.583
      PokerStars Game #38763957956: Omaha No Limit (5/10) - 2010/01/26 20:09:33 CET [2010/01/26 14:09:33 ET]
      Table 'Seinajoki III' 9-max (Play Money) Seat #6 is the button
      Seat 2: cakir6161 (280 in chips)
      Seat 3: danny 191071 (665 in chips)
      Seat 5: dbogart210 (930 in chips)
      Seat 6: bbar572 (2876 in chips)
      Seat 7: drizztfowl (2210 in chips)
      drizztfowl: posts small blind 5
      cakir6161: posts big blind 10
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to drizztfowl [Js Kc Th Qc]
      danny 191071: calls 10
      dbogart210: calls 10
      bbar572: calls 10
      drizztfowl: raises 90 to 100
      cakir6161: raises 90 to 190
      danny 191071: calls 180
      dbogart210: folds
      bbar572: calls 180
      drizztfowl: raises 2020 to 2210 and is all-in
      cakir6161: calls 90 and is all-in
      danny 191071: calls 475 and is all-in
      bbar572: calls 2020
      *** FLOP *** [8c 5c 8h]
      *** TURN *** [8c 5c 8h] [4s]
      *** RIVER *** [8c 5c 8h 4s] [Tc]
      *** SHOW DOWN ***
      drizztfowl: shows [Js Kc Th Qc] (a flush, King high)
      bbar572: shows [Ah 5s 3h 3s] (two pair, Eights and Fives)
      drizztfowl collected 3090 from side pot-2
      danny 191071: shows [Ks Jd 9s As] (a pair of Eights)
      drizztfowl collected 1155 from side pot-1
      cakir6161: shows [Ad Ac 6c 4h] (a flush, Ace high)
      cakir6161 collected 1130 from main pot
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot 5375 Main pot 1130. Side pot-1 1155. Side pot-2 3090. | Rake 0
      Board [8c 5c 8h 4s Tc]
      Seat 2: cakir6161 (big blind) showed [Ad Ac 6c 4h] and won (1130) with a flush, Ace high
      Seat 3: danny 191071 showed [Ks Jd 9s As] and lost with a pair of Eights
      Seat 5: dbogart210 folded before Flop
      Seat 6: bbar572 (button) showed [Ah 5s 3h 3s] and lost with two pair, Eights and Fives
      Seat 7: drizztfowl (small blind) showed [Js Kc Th Qc] and won (4245) with a flush, King high

      que opinan?
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    • frenacoxes
      Registro: 10-22-2007 Artículos: 3.496
      $5/$10 Omaha
      5 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      UTG ($665)
      CO ($930)
      BTN ($2,876)
      Hero ($2,210)
      BB ($280)

      Pre-Flop: ([color:#0000cc]$15[/color], 5 players) Hero is SB
      [color:#B93238]UTG calls $10[/color], [color:#B93238]CO calls $10[/color], [color:#B93238]BTN calls $10[/color], [color:#272BA6]Hero raises to $100[/color], [color:#272BA6]BB raises to $190[/color], [color:#B93238]UTG calls $180[/color], CO folds, [color:#B93238]BTN calls $180[/color], [color:#272BA6]Hero goes all-in $2,210[/color], [color:#272BA6]BB goes all-in $90[/color], [color:#272BA6]UTG goes all-in $475[/color], [color:#B93238]BTN calls $2,020[/color]

      Flop: ([color:#0000cc]$5,375[/color], 4 players, 3 all-in)

      Turn: ([color:#0000cc]$5,375[/color], 4 players, 3 all-in)

      River: ([color:#0000cc]$5,375[/color], 4 players, 3 all-in)

      Final Pot: [color:#0000cc]$5,375[/color]
      BB shows a flush, Ace high

      UTG shows a pair of Eights

      BTN shows two pair, Eights and Fives

      Hero shows a flush, King high

      Hero wins $4,245 (net +$2,035)

      UTG lost $665
      CO lost $10
      BTN lost $2,210