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proema con pokerstars

    • netpokercom
      Registro: 12-23-2008 Artículos: 653
      mi problema es el siguiente, abri el El ICM trainer de PS mientra estaba abierto el lobby de Pokerstar, solo estaba abierto el lobby, no estaba jugando en las mesas y se me cierra el sofware y me mandan este mensaje

      We at PokerStars have recently detected you running a program called "PokerStrategy ICM Trainer". We would like you to know that because of this program's capability of computing advanced ICM calculations, this program is prohibited from being used at the same time as the PokerStars client.
      Perhaps you were unaware the use of this program at the same time as the PokerStars client was against the rules, or were just curious about the program, but such behaviour is against our terms of service. Those terms of service are located here:
      Please refer to sections 5.5, 5.6 and 5.9 of those terms for the relevant rules.
      More information about our prohibited and permitted third party tools can be found on our website, located at:
      We realise that you probably were unaware of the forbidden nature of this program, and therefore we will not take any of the above stern reactions due to this detection. Instead, all we ask is that you reply to this email stating that you're now aware of the rule against such programs, and that you won't use such programs on PokerStars again in the future.
      Please note, we realise this program has a legitimate use for analysing your game, so you are free to use this software whilst the PokerStars client is closed.
      Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

      Me dio un poco de miedo y vi el link de los programas prohibidos y son estos???

      Can you give me some examples of acceptable tools and services ?
      The following are examples of tools and services which are permitted:

      Auto HandPoster
      Coach Rounder
      DoN Indicator
      Draw Poker Source
      FreePokerDB (aka FPDB)
      Gam Poker Analyzer
      Hold’em Cockpit
      Holdem Helpem
      Holdem Indicator
      Holdem Manager (including Table Scanner)
      Holdem Partner
      Holdem Ranger (including RealTime HUD)
      Official Poker Rankings
      Omaha Brain
      Omaha Indicator
      Omaha Poker Coach
      Poker Academy Prospector
      Poker Buddy
      Poker Butler
      Poker Copilot
      Poker EV
      Poker Evolver
      Poker Indicator
      Poker Juggernaut
      Poker Office
      Poker Potjie
      Poker Sharpener
      Poker Shortcuts
      Poker Sleuth
      Poker Sniffer
      Poker Stove
      Poker Vitals
      Poker Weapon
      Poker Wingman
      PokerAce HUD
      PokerEval (Registered Version Only)
      PokerObserver HUD
      PokerStrategy Elephant
      PokerStrategy Equilator
      PokerTracker (including TableTracker)
      Pot Odd Rechner
      PPA Poker Calculator
      Sharktoolz Bankroll Manager
      Sharktoolz Poker-Reader
      SitnGo Wizard (version and newer)
      Star Tracker
      StoxPoker Combo
      Table Shark
      TableScan Turbo
      Telescope by SpadeIt
      Tournament Indicator
      Tournament Shark
      Tournament Updater
      Tourney Manager

      o estoy confundido y estos son los permitidos???, mi ingles es un poco malo pero creo que dice que los de esa lista si que son permitidos, es permitido el SnG Wizard y el ICM trainer no??? o viciversa, y tambien el Elephant que tenia entendido que no se podia usar en PS, estoy algo confundido

      Esa lista son los que si se pueden usar o los que no??
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