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Inter-Account Transfer

    • rastauy
      Registro: 07-21-2007 Artículos: 89
      Hola Porfavor que le digo a este tipo de PP?

      "Thank you for choosing our site.

      We have received your cash out request of $xxx. However, we notice
      that it is part of the funds you have received as Inter Account

      We wish to draw your attention to the fact that the “Inter Account
      Transfer” facility is a privileged feature provided to our esteemed
      players to allow them to play with the transferred funds while awaiting
      their deposits to reflect in their account. Transfer of funds for any
      reason apart from this, such as debt settlement or transfer of funds
      from one location to another, as in a bank, is strictly not encouraged.

      Your cash out request has been currently placed on a temporary hold. Any
      further action on the same can be taken only after receiving a
      clarification from you. We also request you to henceforth use the
      **Inter-Account Transfer** facility for the said purpose only.

      We thank you for your patience and cooperation in this regard.

      Contact us anytime, we are available around the clock to assist you with
      your account related questions and suggestions.


      Game Fairness & Security Team"
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