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UPDATE PokerStars - Oficial

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      2010 PokerStars VIP Program changes starting Jan 1st

      These updates represent exciting increases in the rewards PokerStars are able to offer all of our VIP Players, starting at BronzeStar VIP all the way up through Supernova Elite. Our sincere thanks go out to the members of the VIP Player Panel for their suggestions about how to improve the program. Their contributions strongly shaped the changes made this year. A special thank you goes out to 1p0kerboy, who acted at the catalysis for the VIP Player Panel.

      VIP Stellar Rewards

      A new rewards program that delivers cash straight to players’ accounts, no strings or costs attached. VIP Stellar Rewards are similar to our current Milestone program for Supernova VIPs but the rewards are earned for hitting year VPP targets starting at 750 VPPs and ending at 90,000 yearly VPPs. The rewards start at $10 each, progressing to $50 and upward to $100 for the final credits. Players who reach 90,000 VPPs in 2010 may purchase all 19 rewards for a total value of $1,000. VIP Stellar Rewards may be purchased from the VIP Store for 1 FPP each. A complete list of all the rewards may be found at the webpage below.

      VPP Earning

      All ring tables and tournaments will move to the “new” system of VPP calculation with fractional VPPs and FPPs. Tables with 8 or more seats will earn VPPs based on a 6x multiplier. All other games on will earn VPPs on a 5.5x multiplier. The new VPP earning system is described in detail, with examples at the webpage below.

      Quarterly $1,000,000 VIP Freeroll

      PokerStars will be running quarterly $1,000,000 freerolls with free entry for Supernova VIPs. FPP satellite entries will be available for GoldStar VIPs and PlatinumStar VIPs. The Freerolls will run at 14:00 ET on the first Saturday of February, May, August and November 2010. These Freerolls will replace the current $75,000 weekly Freerolls which will be discontinud effective January 1st, 2010.

      SilverStar VIP Status

      SilverStar VIP status will be easier to earn in 2010. The VPPs need to earn the level have been reduced from 1,200 VPPs to 750 VPPs

      Retaining Supernova VIP Status

      Supernova VIP status will be easier to retain. The monthly VPPs requirements to retain Supernova VIP status in the following year have been reduced from 10,000 VPPs to 7,500 VPPs. All other aspects of Supernova VIP status retention remain the same, including the ability to miss one month and retention only lasting through the end of September.

      Supernova VIP Milestones

      Milestones have been restructured to offer more value at the earlier stages of the milestone program. The total value of the Milestones remain the same, for players who earn 200,000, 300,000 and 400,000 VPPs for the year will see significant increases in the total amount of their Milestone rewards. A 700,000 VPP Milestone has been added.
      100,000 VPP - $1,000 (was $800)
      200,000 VPP - $3,400 (was $2,000)
      300,000 VPP - $3,600 (was $3,000)
      400,000 VPP - $3,800 (was $4,000)
      500,000 VPP - $4,000 (was $5,000)
      600,000 VPP - $4,400 (was $6,000)
      700,000 VPP - $4,600 (Did not exist)
      800,000 VPP - $5,000 (was $8,000)

      VIP 1 Table Events with Team PokerStars Pro

      Sit&Go Tournaments with your favorite PokerStars Pro are now more accessible. SilverStar VIPs will now be able to participate in these events. Additionally, more of these events will appear in 2010 restricted to players sharing the same home country as the PokerStars Pro.

      The website has been updated to reflect these changes.


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