Que Foll*n a everest y a su p*ta madre!

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      mirar por sus p*tos problemas de conexion con un sit outa mi derecha y me volvia a meter en premiosss levaba media ora desconectao me caguen todo!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

      Everest Poker — Hand Details
      Hand ID: 5313811942
      Table ID: -137089532
      Play Mode: Real Money
      Tournament Table: 38110782-0
      Game Type: Hold'em
      Ante: 30
      Blinds: 125/250
      Stakes: 250/250
      Currency: USD
      Starting Date: 2009-12-09 GMT
      Starting Time: 20:36:20 GMT

      Seating Arrangement:

      dr.chess is at seat 3 with 7195.
      marc511 is at seat 5 with 6155.
      milflores is at seat 6 with 1325.
      c3rv3 is at seat 7 with 325.
      dr.chess posts an ante of 30.
      marc511 posts an ante of 30.
      milflores posts an ante of 30.
      c3rv3 posts an ante of 30.

      Post Blinds:

      The button is at seat 7.
      dr.chess posts the small blind of 125.
      marc511 posts the big blind of 250.

      Deal Pocket Cards:

      dr.chess: -- --
      marc511: -- --
      milflores: -- --
      c3rv3: Kc Kd

      milflores folds.
      c3rv3 says "milflores is sit out help me!"
      c3rv3 folds.
      dr.chess calls 125.
      marc511 checks.

      Flop (Ks 10d Kh):
      dr.chess checks.
      marc511 checks.

      Turn (Ks 10d Kh Qh):
      dr.chess checks.
      marc511 checks.

      River (Ks 10d Kh Qh 8c):
      dr.chess raises 250.
      marc511 calls 250.

      dr.chess shows 8d 7c.
      dr.chess has 8d 8c Qh Ks Kh: Two Pair
      marc511 mucks 3h Ah.

      Pot Summary:
      Total Pot: 1120
      dr.chess wins 1120.
      No Rake is taken for this hand.
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