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Hello, Olá, Hola!

    • Sczcepanik
      Registro: 01-17-2009 Artículos: 4.771

      Hey guys, sorry for writing in english. Im actually a moderator from the Portuguese - Brazilian community, but my spanish just SUX enough...

      I just would like to thank you all for the nice community management. You guys are doing a great job.

      I need to confess that I usually check some threads over here to get some info (since your community is larger and more dynamic than mine).

      Of course i'm not posting or replying some topics cause It would be offensive to write in english or portuguese.

      And I would like to thank "Samy4ever" for the nice video contents and hand evaluating. Nice job! :f_grin:

      Well, thats it, hope someone can translate this and send the notes foward!

      Thanks and keep it up! :f_cool:
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    • Jesus80
      Registro: 11-15-2007 Artículos: 62.538
      Hey Scezcepanik!

      I will translate the post for u.

      Hola chicos, perdonen por escribir en ingles, soy moderador de la cominidad Portuguesa-Brasileña, pero mi español es muy malo.

      Solo quiero darles las gracias por el buen manejo de la comunidad, estan haciendo un gran trabajo.

      Tengo que confesar que reviso algunos post de aqui para obtener alguna informacion (ya que su comunidad es mas grande ymas dinamica que la mia).

      Por supuesto no estoy posteando o respondiendo a los temas por que seria ofensivo escribirlo en ingles o portugues.

      Quisiera agradecer a Samy4ever por el buen contenido de videos y la evaluacion de manos, Buen trabajo :f_grin: .

      Bueno, esto es todo, espero alguien pueda traducirlo

      Gracias y Sigan asi :f_cool:

      I have to thank you too, im very happy to hear that the content from our comunity is useful from other comunity's, i see u sometimes spying in our forum :P , i have to confess i do it too sometimes, just to see the evolution of PS around the world.

      you are very welcome to post in our forum, maybe posting some hands for the big fish :f_eek: Samy4ever :p, hes a great guy and coach :s_biggrin: .

      I hope u have a wonderfull day.

    • bnielzen
      Registro: 05-27-2008 Artículos: 29.877
      Hello Sczcepanik!

      Welcome to our community, Hope to see you more often ;)

    • kidacao
      Registro: 07-27-2007 Artículos: 5.413
      no offense if u want to participate in english or portuguese, a new member is always welcome, no matter the language! :)
    • samy4ever
      Registro: 04-02-2008 Artículos: 18.682

      Hi Sczcepanik!

      Can't believe somebody is watching my videos outside the Spanish community! hehe

      Thank you ;P!

      BTW, I don't have any problem evaluating in English and I don't think the community will, so don't be shy ;) !

      Hope to see you around from time to time !

      Kind regards,
    • Sczcepanik
      Registro: 01-17-2009 Artículos: 4.771
      Hey, thanks for all the answers!!! :f_biggrin:

      Yes, I would like to be more helpfull, but spanish is a natural barrer to me... :f_cry:

      By the way, I created a post to promote a new promotion of Full Tilt Poker:

      Nueva Promocione - Piece of Ivey

      With a link to a guide in portuguese (since theres no info in spanish in the official page yet).

      Hope it can be used or translated, you know, lets give the best for our communities!

      And Samy4ever, im planning to watch your live coachs, since I really apreciate your videos! And thanks for opening some space to me, be sure that sooner or latter I will give you some donky hands! :f_cool:

      Well, have a nice day!

      And im really really thank for the attention!
      Hope to be more than a tourist here! :f_cool: