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Tickets for Real Madrid - Barca

    • ownage4u
      Registro: 01-07-2007 Artículos: 4.893

      i'm part of the german community and i got a question concerning the match of real madrid - barca

      i'm a long time fan of real madrid and also holder of carnet madridista. however, as some of you might know, it's only possible to get tickets for that match as a member of real madrid (or ofc as a member of barcelona, but thats not really an option to sit there)

      its pretty hard to become a fanclub member in germany though, as there are not really a lot of fanclubs.

      my question is: is anyone in this forum member of real madrid and would one of you consider to sell the ticket for that match (if possible 2)? it will take place in april 2010, so there is a lot of time left.

      if you were willing to sell those tickets, please let me know how much you would approximately take ; )
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