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I'm a shark!

    • DiegoFueng
      Registro: 10-13-2008 Artículos: 3.667
      Bueno estuve viendo una pagina sobre stats, nose si podré ponerla pero se llama poker-edge el software. Introducí mi nombre de usuario y tachan! miren lo que aparece (ojala fuera verdad xD )

      Pre-Flop Tendency: TIGHT - The Poker-Edge software automatically color codes tight players in RED for easy identification.

      Player Type : Congratulations, you are a Shark (Tight-Aggressive/Aggressive). Your Tight-Aggressive PreFlop play and Aggressive PostFlop play will earn you great profits at the Poker Table. The Poker-Edge software clearly shows you the Sharks by placing an icon next to their name at the table so you can aviod confrontations.

      Strengths: You are selective with your starting hands, giving you an edge over looser players. It's hard to tell when you are bluffing because you are always aggressive. You are on the winning side of a majority of your showdowns.

      Weaknesses: As a shark, you have few weaknesses. You may get bored from winning all the time. ( JAJAJA SI CLARO)

      Best Advice: Get an elbow brace so you don't develop arthritis from dragging in all those pots.

      Luego aparece una "mando random" de mi database:

      Dice que hice push con 109s preflop (???) flop 4JQ turn K river 7
      Pot Size: $11817 (????????????????????)
      Game: 37
      Result: WIN
      Position: #3 to Act
      Num Players: 7

      Que gracioso xD
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