Hola , he instalado el PT3 y en cash me funciona bien pero en torneos y sit solo me pone los resultados negativos ,en los k entro a premios me los pone a 0 y claro solo me cuenta las perdidas, al abrir el programa me dice esto:

Please Note:
You have imported hand histories for at least one tournament without also loading the corresponding summary for that tournament.
The tournament summaries are essential because they contain the buy-in amount, fee, place of finish, etc. that are needed to show you proper information on your play.
Until you enter or load the tournament summary, the information will be incomplete and if you don't see your wins in some of the reports, this is the reason why.
You can manually enter the tournament summary information by going to the Tournaments menu and choosing Enter Results.

Pero no se bien ke es lo ke tengo k hacer.
Muchas gracias