FR (Hasta NL25) Tt

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      Propaganda Poker Ascot 0.01/0.02, hand converted by the <a href="" target="_blank">iPoker Converter</a> at <a href="" target="_blank">Talking-Poker</a><br>Visit <a href="" target="_blank">Hand HQ</a> to purchase hand histories from a range of sites, game types and levels.<br><br><strong>saw flop</strong> | <strong><span style="color:#C00000">saw showdown</span></strong><br><br>Button ($1.85)<br>SB ($1.40)<br>BB ($3.21)<br>UTG ($2)<br>UTG+1 <strong><span style="color:#C00000">UTG+1 ($2)</span></strong><br>CO-1 ($0.55)<br>CO <strong><span style="color:#C00000">CO ($1.52)</span></strong><br><br><strong>Preflop:</strong> UTG+1 is UTG+1 with T<img src=""> T<img src=""><br> 1 fold, UTG+1 raises to 0.06, 1 fold, CO calls 0.06, 3 folds.<br><br><strong>Flop</strong> (0.15) T<img src=""> 4<img src=""> A<img src=""><br> UTG+1 bets 0.12, CO calls 0.12.<br><br><strong>Turn</strong> (0.39) 9<img src=""><br> UTG+1 bets 0.30, CO calls 0.30.<br><br><strong>River</strong> (0.99) 2<img src=""><br> UTG+1 bets 0.58, CO calls 0.58<br><br>UTG+1 shows T<img src=""> T<img src=""><br>CO shows A<img src=""> J<img src=""><br><br>UTG+1 wins 2.15 with Three of a kind, Tens
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