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Neteller - Dormancy fee

    • StrawMan
      Registro: 07-30-2007 Artículos: 271
      quedé así... :f_eek: cuando me llegó este correo recién:

      Never pay non-usage fees again with Net+

      Dear Juan,

      We asked you how we could improve our Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®. You told us to stop charging a fee for not using your card. So we scrapped it.

      A great card gets better
      Now that you don't have to worry about getting charged for non-usage, you can finally go on that month-long safari you've dreamed of. When you get back, you'll still enjoy:

      Instant cash withdrawals
      Free point-of-sale anywhere MasterCard is accepted
      Automatic pre-loading so your money's on hand as soon as it's deposited
      Chip and PIN technology for enhanced security
      With no monthly fees as of June, you can use your Net+ card as much or as little as you want, worry-free.

      eh eh eh eh :f_biggrin:

      y como dice ahí... por fin me puedo ir de safari por un mes! :s_cool:

      PD: para el que no entienda... ya no van a cobrar más el cargo por no usar la tarjeta en un mes... :D
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