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Ya no se puede saber si juegan desde tablets?

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    • zakkaA
      Registro: 02-03-2008 Artículos: 620
      Hace un mes me dediqué a buscar info sobre esto.
      Lamentablemente para nosotros esta opción fue deshabilitada por PS. Creo que fue en el update del 8/2015 o algo así.

      En Zoom iba como piña esto, jaja


      August 2015

      Improved client update process for Mac so client will start even if update process fails (unless existing client version is no longer valid)
      Fix for table starters closing other tables with no one playing on them when the ‘Table Starter’ table begins
      The ‘mobile’ icons indicating phone/tablet connections have been removed from all clients (desktop & mobile)
      Fix for some older Macs being unable to deposit with the Poli deposit method
      Extend satellites generation so they can start during late registration of their target to improve overall tournament participation.
      Added a ‘Do not show again’ option to suppress some repetitive tournament registration confirmation and bust out messages
      All phased tournaments (including final phases) are now governed by the new Phase variant in tournament filters
      Mobile: corrected auto-center seating bug (which only affected iPhones)
      Custom stakes ranges for Play Money cash games have been updated to better match games available in the All Games lobby

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    • Baronrojo258
      Registro: 07-16-2014 Artículos: 1.472
      gracias zakkaA
    • lucin21
      Registro: 11-16-2010 Artículos: 35
      yo ingrese desde mi tablet mi me salia la opcion para no mostrar que estaba en un movil.