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Playing online poker in Spain

    • Olokolo1990
      Registro: 12-08-2010 Artículos: 233
      Hello! I´ve moved in Spain for a half of the year and i want to play online poker like in my country, but i can't. Should I make an account on site .es or there is some metod (vpn or something else?) to play on abroad pokerrooms? If there is no metod could you tell me what sites are legal in Spain? Regards
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    • sara
      Administrador jefe
      Administrador jefe
      Registro: 09-20-2006 Artículos: 13.692
      Hi Olokolo and welcome to Spain and our crazy regulation.

      So in order to play here you will need to register as a fiscal resident, have a bank account and an address.

      As per legal sites in Spain there're not many and traffic-wise only a couple... You've got,, etc
      Just be careful and check that the site has the official seal of approval from the government

      As per the vpn system, well, as you know it goes against the poker room's t&c... so I wouldn't recommend it.