tengo este problema con una base de datos nueva

En la pagina de PT4 diece esto pero ni idea como hacerlo?

Unable to import hand
If you see an error that looks like this:
Unable to import hand (#18202934050). Reason: Unable to execute query: COPY tourney_holdem_hand_summary FROM STDIN;; Reason: Fatal Error (ERROR: could not read block 0 of relation 1663/16438/16742: Invalid argument CONTEXT: COPY tourney_holdem_hand_summary, line 1: "54551 100 736 3 971 18202934050 2008/06/17 20:55:42 2008/06/17 17:22:44 9 2 2 2 1500.00 1500.00 1500..." )

..or this:

Unable to import hand (#7651813545). Reason: Unable to execute query: COPY holdem_hand_player_statistics FROM STDIN;; Reason: Fatal Error (ERROR: index "hhps:idx5-id_session" contains unexpected zero page at block 0 HINT: Please REINDEX it. CONTEXT: COPY holdem_hand_player_statistics, line 1: "70112 696 696 0 2 8819 2008/08/15 04:05:59 8 f f 0 f 0 f f f f f 0 f 0 t f f t f 0 f 0 t f t t f 0 f..." )

There are two main reasons for this kind of error.

The first is a result of data corruption from a computer crash that requires reindexing your database.

You can reindex your database from the Database > Database Management window. Select the affected database(s) and enable the ReIndex Database option in addition to the defaults.

The second reason for this error is a result of faulty hardware.

You can set PostgreSQL to ignore these errors by clicking Start --> Programs --> PostgreSQL --> Configuration Files --> Edit postgresql.conf.
In the configuration file that appears, go to the bottom of the file and add the text “zero_damaged_pages = on” on a new line and then save and close the file.
Click Start --> Programs --> PostgreSQL --> Reload Configuration and PostgreSQL will ignore the damaged data.
If you continue to have problems with that hard drive, you should consider replacing it.


Alguien le paso lo mismo?

la otra BD anda bien, es solo la nueva BD